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In July 1999, 'The Guitar Orchestra' magazine vol.3 has been published. The contributors are instructors and top soloists of guitar orchestras or members of International Guitar Orchestra Association (IGOA) who are active all over the world. The magazine introduces the latest news of the Niibori Method and guitar orchestras in English and Japanese.

The first edition was published in 1997. Its contents were 'Guitar orchestras and the conductors in the world', 'What is contemporary guitar orchestra', 'Profile of Dr. Hiroki Niibori, originator of a guitar orchestra', 'Guitar orchestra world's 40 years of great historic story tracing by photographs', 'About Niibori Method watched by all the world now', 'Variety of guitars in a guitar orchestra and the advice to play them', 'About the latest expression method of the guitar orchestra', 'Advice to study Niibori Method in Japan', and 'Text books, music scores, video tape and CD for a guitar orchestra'.

Vol. 2 published in 1998 was made as 'Special edition for conductors', and the contents were 'The first guitar orchestra conducting contest', 'The Europe music festival in Germany', ' Hiroki Niibori', ' Alex Abisheganaden, a success who introduced Niibori Method in Singapore', 'The elementary course for conducting a guitar orchestra', 'Useful tips for conducting with photographs', 'How to conduct the set piece of the 2nd guitar orchestra conducting contest '99', 'The choice video tapes for conductors' and so on.

Well, in this vol.3, the history of Niibori Guitar Orchestra are introduced in detail that has never done before in English. Profiles of Dr. Niibori, Niibori Guitar Orchestra A-group and Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra are also included. Their historic joint concerts with world famous musicians are introduced with photographs. You can know all about Niibori guitar orchestra in English.

Gravure pictures are 'The 3rd Niibori Guitar Orchestra Concert in Hawaii' that took place in Honolulu last April, and events that were held from 1997 to July of 1999, and a report of Niibori group's new facilities.

Also in the vol. 3, there is a guide of score books and text books including titles and composers in English, in addition to a guide of music CDs and video tapes. In vol.2, brief comments of each books were carried, so it will be a great help for you to select your best one by using vol.2 and vol.3 both.

Everyone, please take a look at 'The Guitar Orchestra' magazine, and let us know your impressions. We would like to comply with the requests of readers.

We sincerely hope that the magazine will be a help of your musical life.

The Guitar Orchestra Vol.3
\1,000 yen (\1,050 yen including tax)
Postage per a copy
Oceania, North & Central America, Europe \600
Asia \470, South America, Africa \770


'All Japan Guitar Concours' directed by Japan Educational Guitar Association (domestic name, NKG) and International Guitar Orchestra Association (IGOA), will reach the 30th anniversary this year. This concours consists of 10 sections such as instruction, solo, ensemble, orchestra, guitar manufacturing, composition, arrangement, conducting and so on. The most popular orchestra section will be held in Sumida Triphony Hall to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Entried orchestras are so colorful and surely will show their original pieces and pleasant entertainments. The orchestra section will be held on October 10 (Sun) from 11:00 a.m.. If you are interested in other sections, please contact with Niibori Guitar Music Academy mentioned below.


'Zoom up' of this month is 'Live house N' located on the first floor of the new building of International Niibori Guitar Academy in Fujisawa. In this live house, a variety of musical events from classic to rock is available. After the opening of July, lots of people experienced and enjoyed the new facility. Do you have such a live house in your country? And how do you think about a facility like 'Live house N'? We look forward to your information.

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