Hiroki Niibori

It is my pleasure to tell you that by the backing up of the German embassy, Germany-Japan international goodwill concert by the German top guitarist Ms. Kerstin Eisenbarth and our Niibori Guitar Orchestra, will be realized in the Japanese best concert halls located in four cities. Ms. Kerstin Eisenbarth is a great musician who won the first prize of RADIO FRANCE at the "Concours International De Guitare" in Paris '90. I have a confidence that her gentle sound would surely move not only audience, but members of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra and students of Niibori Guitar Music Academy.

A common point between Ms. Kerstin Eisenbarth and the Niibori Guitar Orchestra is a constant study and development of playing method for the new century as much paying attention to the history and the traditional. She dynamically plays the guitar manufactured by an international guitar craftsman Mr. Kazuo Sato. On the other hand, the Niibori Guitar Orchestra vividly plays music of all ages using the various type of original guitars such as the soprano, the alto, the prime, the bass, the contrabass, the guitarron, and the cembalo guitar that were manufactured by Japanese and world-famous craftsmen. Therefore, their joint performance will create the epoch-making and memorable sounds.

She will arrive Japan at the end of July. And the new base and center of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra will be completed a few days earlier than the day. It will be very honorable that she will be the first visitor who will play the guitar there. New Segovia Studio is the twice the size of as it was before, and the relief of Maestro Andres Segovia will be restored. Let's introduce the new building here. On the first floor, 'Live house N' will be opened. On the mezzanine floor, the sound effects exhibition and VIP room will be set up. On the third floor, private lesson rooms, ensemble rooms, lecture room, Rose saloon and a community room will be ready and on the fourth floor, musical instruments section, publishing office, computer room, overseas dept., professor room will be set up, and on the fifth floor, audio visual room will be opened. On the basement, a counter bar 'Prelude' will be opened and customers can enjoy the European traditional style hospitality. Also, on the first floor along the street, information center will be established to welcome people from in and out of Japan.

Everyone in Japan and in foreign countries, please make full use of this artistic world. And let's enrich this facility together, also for the next generations....

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