Germany-Japan International Goodwill Concert with Ms. Kerstin Eisenbarth

Special Guest
Ms. Kerstin Eisenbarth
Annual Niibori Guitar Orchestra Concert will be held on a larger scale in Joetsu, Izu, Yokohama and Tokyo inviting Ms. Kerstin Eisenbarth from Germany this year.

Ms. Kerstin Eisenbarth won the first prize at Paris International Guitar Concours '90. After that, she was invited by Tokyo, Stockholm, Esztergom, and Paris for a guitar festival and showed her wide range of repertories from solo to concerto.

Niibori Guitar Orchestra which has 43 years of history, has been having successful joint concerts since 70's with world famous guitarists, such as Ms. Maria Louise Aniedo (Argentina), Ms. Louise Walker (Austria), Mr. J. Beherend (Germany), Mr. J. Cardoso (Spain) and Chinese bamboo flutist Mr. Ye Hong-Qi. Also, wonderful joint concerts with Japanese famous guitarists, Mr. Norihiko Watanabe who is the winner of Paris International Guitar Concours, Mr. Kazuhito Yamashita, Mr. Kiyoshi Shoumura, and Mr. Mikio Houshido will never be forgotten by audience.

In Niibori Guitar Orchestra Concert '99, joint performance by Ms. Kerstin Eisenbarth and Niibori Guitar Orchestra conducted by a matured conductor Dr. Hiroki Niibori will be realized. They will play Giuliani's masterpiece 'Guitar concerto A-major Op.30'. Especially in a concert in Tokyo, all the movements will be played.

Niibori Guitar Orchestra will play J. S. Bach's masterpiece 'Chaconne' for the first time. 'Chaconne' is a very famous music includes 'Partita for Violin Solo', and it is often played by the guitar solo or a string orchestra. But it will be the first time that it is played by the guitar orchestra consists of various range of the original guitars. This performance will be presented in Izu and Tokyo only.

Japanese top flutist, Ms. Chie Nagasaki will play 'La tempesta di mare' by Vivaldi (Joetsu & Tokyo) with Niibori Guitar Orchestra and 'Flute Concerto G-major K.131' by Mozart (Yokohama only) with Niibori Guitar Ensemble for the first time. And Niibori Guitar Ensemble will show their outstanding technique by 'Summer from Four Seasons' by Vivaldi (Joetsu, Izu & Yokohama). Ms. Kerstin Eisenbarth will play 'Baden jazz suite < Simplicitas, Berceuse, Rondo a la Samba> that was composed by her teacher Mr. Jiri Jirimal (Joetsu, Izu & Tokyo), and 'Prelude No.1' and 'Choro No.1' by Villa-Lobos and 'El sueno de la muneca by A. Barrios (Yokohama). And especially in Yokohama, Mr. Kohiro Sasozaki will play 'Fantasia from BVW997' by J. S. Bach as the double prime cembalo guitar solo. Also, Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet will appear on the main concert stage after two years and play 'Begin the Beguine ~ Cceur Fragile' (Joetsu, Izu & Yokohama). 'Harp concerto' by Handel that members of Ladies' Quartet play soloists will be one of the highlights of this concert (Yokohama & Tokyo). Niibori Guitar Men's sextet consists of top young guitarists will play 'Baiao de Gude' by P. Bellinati for the first time (Joetsu, Izu & Yokohama). Besides, 'Electrical guitar concerto' from the theme of Symphonie Nr. 9 by Beethoven will be played in Joetsu only, and 'Canzone in Baroque style'< O sole mio, Torna a Surriento, Funikuri Funikura> will be played by Niibori Guitar Orchestra in Yokohama only.

Each program is different and so magnificent, but especially a concert in Yokohama that will take place in Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall on August 3, and a concert in Tokyo that will take place in Tokyo Opera City Hall (Takemistu Memorial) on August 4 must be very enjoyable. These are famous new halls that have excellent acoustics. Please enjoy the acoustics as well as the concerts.

Please don't miss this memorable concert. Members are sincerely waiting for your coming.

[ Concert in Joetsu ]
July 28, 1999 (Wed) 19:00 p.m. at Joetsu Bunka Kaikan Large Hall
S\5,000 / A\4,000 / B\3,000 / non-reserved seats for adults \2,000 / non-reserved seats for students \1,500

[ Concert in Izu ]
August 1, 1999 (Sun) 17:00 p.m. at Nirayama Jidai Gekijo
S\4,800 / A\3,800 / B\3,000 / Japanese-style seats \3,500 / non-reserved seats for adults \2,000 / non-reserved seats for students \1,500

[ Concert in Yokohama]
August 3, 1999 (Tue) 19:00 p.m. at Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall (large)
S\7,000 / A\6,000 / B\5,000 / P (in front of the pipe organ) \3,500 / Students\2,500 (All seats are reserved)

[ Concert in Tokyo]
August 4, 1999 (Wed) 19:00 p.m. at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall -Takemitsu Memorial -
S\8,000 / A\6,500 / B\5,500 / C\4,500 / Students\2,600 (All seats are reserved)

** Program **

'Haru ga kita' in baroque style, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Tanquilllo De Cadiz, Begin the Beguine ~ Cceur Fragile, Summer from Four Seasons, 'Electrical guitar concerto' from the theme of Symphonie Nr. 9 by Beethoven, La tempesta di mare, Baden Jazz suite, First movement from 'Guitar concerto A-major Op.30', First movement from Flute Concert No.1 G-major K.313, 'Fantasia' from Partita BWV997, O sole mio, Torna a Surriento, Funikuri Funikura from 'Canzone in Baroque style', Harp concerto, Prelude No.1, Choro No.1, etc.

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