New Head Office
This time, there are two big news we would like to report you.

The first one is the success of the 3rd Niibori Guitar Orchestra Concert in Hawaii, that was held on April 3, 1999 at McKinley High School Auditorium.

Their first concert in Hawaii was held in 1995 at Kuakini Medical Center (consolatory concert) and Orvis Auditorium in the campus of University of Hawaii. At that time, the late Dr. Warren Walker who was a chairman of the starvation conference of United Nations, admired like 'Sound of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra awakens people to a wish for world peace and promote it'. By these successful concerts, the World Peace Prayer Society entrusted the Niibori Guitar Orchestra with in charge of music in the World Peace Prayer Ceremony that took place in Honolulu in 1997. It became the 2nd concert of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra in Hawaii. Also at that ceremony, representatives from all over the world said 'There's no music except for the Niibori Guitar Orchestra's which perfectly suites for this event'. The first and second concerts were both charity events for Kuakini Medical Center. And then, the third concert held this time, achieved a brilliant success they've never did before. The Niibori Guitar Orchestra received a certificate of appreciation from Kuakini Foundation, and Dr. McMilin who is a president of Honolulu University gave Dr. Niibori a memento with words of praise that 'I hereby declare that you're obviously creating a wonderful future. I am pleased to send you a word "INNOVATION" for you!'.

The another big news is a move of the Niibori Group's head office. The head office in Yokohama has been loved by many people for more than 10 years, but due to the increase of staff, students and members of orchestras, this school building has come to full. Also, to promote more leaders in the coming century, we decided to move into a larger building in Fujisawa that can be approved as an educational foundation. The new head office will be opened on July 1, 1999.

Regarding the two big news mentioned above, there is a letter Dr. Niibori wrote, so we would like to introduce it here for you.

Dr. Hiroki Niibori's letter

I'm now on the flight No. UA827 on the way back from Honolulu and all the passengers are all fast asleep. I'm writing under a small light feeling my overpowering emotions. Because our third charity concert that was held last night achieved a brilliant success, and it finished with moving standing ovation. I heard that the immigrants from Japan and Japanese-Americans fought as Americans in the war but lost their lives due to the medical treatment that took first priority for white. Therefore they established hospitals for Japanese with their money that was earned with their blood, sweat, and tears. But most of them were closed one after another except for Kuakini Medical Center in Honolulu. To hear that story, I couldn't help doing anything I could do for it. At our first charity concert, we could contribute only 100,000 yen to it. But this time, we had the best result in cooperate with TV & radio stations (KJIPN, KZOO, KHON), Mr. Sakai president of Sony, Mr. Aikoh chairman of Daiei, a team of Bunbun-dou book store, Kinki Nihon tourist, warm-hearted guitarist all over Japan, and devoted musicians of the Niibori group. Especially, I appreciate Dr. McMilin president of Honolulu University, Dr. Yamada vice president of Honolulu University, International Guitar Orchestra Foundation headquarters in U.S.A. and Japan. Their sincere leadership made it possible to unite people's hearts through music.

And this time, ten guitarists obtained the degree of Master of Arts in music, and three guitarists obtained the degree of Bachelor of Arts in music. Mr. Kobayashi chairman of Japan Educational Guitar Association who has been participating in volunteer work at Rotary and Lions in Nagano and Mr. Enomori manager of Ibaraki head office of Japan Educational Guitar Association who has been producing excellent musicians there, both obtained the degree of M.A. this time. I felt relieved this result as I recommended them to the degree. I believe they will surely contribute more to the music field and the culture at their home towns. I really felt that it is important to educate people who have acquired the method to instruct students. Also this time, people who were educated by us participated in the charity concert and did part to promote intonational goodwill. I felt I should enrich educational facilities to produce leaders who contribute to communities.

For over ten years, the foothold of the Niibori Method has been Yokodai in Yokohama. Though it is a very happy problem, we repeatedly enlarged the school building due to the increase of students. But to my regret, lesson rooms are not sufficient now and sometimes students practice the guitar even on the stair ways. When I felt sorry for them as a president, fortunately, prices of lands and buildings and interest rates have gone down and it came to be possible to have a new school building. With the money I borrowed from banks and my all savings, I decided to open a new building that is triple as large as the present one. It will have a plenty of rooms including 2 studios and a community room for students and staff's communication. When I pay back all the money I borrowed, I will donate my all property to the government and make International Niibori Guitar Academy an educational foundation so that I could succeed it to the next generation. Everyone, who will use the new building, who highly concerns about education, who belongs to a learned society or the government, please contribute anything you can do. I really appreciate any types of your support, such as one desk, one black board or one stage light. I ask for your cooperation in behalf of people who have a big dream to promote World peace through music.

Coming September 5, 1999, we will invite Dr. Yamada who is a vice president of Honolulu University and masters and bachelors of arts in music to a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the new school building. I look forward to seeing you at the commemorative event. In conclusion, I repeatedly ask your warm support.

President, Dr. Hiroki Niibori

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