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In this issue, we are introducing the N-academy as a special feature article, so we'd like to pick up this unique academy here too.

As we introduced before, the N-Academy is a generic name for U.S. Foundation International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Tokyo campus just opened in Oct. 1998 &Yokohama campus), Educational Foundation Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus) and Educational Foundation Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Joetsu campus). It is the only academy for the guitar in Japan that has a high school course and a college course. Dr. Hiroki Niibori serves as a principal of each academy. Their common feature is the curriculum that places the importance on Niibori Method.

Especially, the classical guitar course has the longest history, and providing a high level curriculum. Not only the classical guitar course, it provides courses for the electrical guitar, the piano, the flute, the conducting and so on. Now, there are 24 types of Niibori Method original guitars, and the N-academy has special instructors for each type of the guitars. Probably, there is no music school that has the instructors specially for the alto guitar, the bass guitar, the cembalo guitar and so on in the world.

Let's introduce the Niibori Method original guitars using an example of a string orchestra. The prime guitar that you call the classical guitar takes a part of the viola, and the alto guitar and the soprano guitar take a part of the violin. In the low register, the bass guitar, the contrabass guitar and the guitarron take a part of the cello. The cembalo guitar literally takes a part of the cembalo. Guitar orchestras using these original guitars have been increasing in the world. Especially in Singapore, Taiwan, Korea that adopted the Niibori Method positively since the early times, guitar orchestras by Niibori Method is very active now. By today, more than 20 countries in the world have adopted the Niibori Method and started forming a guitar orchestra one after another.

The original guitars all have the same peculiarities such as 1) perfect interval between each guitar, 2) 6-strings (6 courses), 3) the ratio based on the prime guitar so that every guitar can be played by the same playing method. In a string orchestra, it must be difficult for the violin player to play the cello part immediately, but the guitar orchestra by Niibori Method, it is possible for the alto guitar player to play the bass part right away. Actually, about 18 members of the Niibori Guitar Ensemble presents a variety of performance on stage by changing each another's part according to the music. This is one of the reasons that the guitar orchestras by Niibori Method is spreading worldwide.

It is said that compared with a string orchestra's members, a guitarist is not good at playing music in the ensemble, but we can't say it's right for the students and the graduates of the N-academy. They have a sufficient experience of the ensemble and the orchestra as well as a solo performance. In the N-academy, ensemble class consists of from 20 to 50 students are regularly held, and also orchestra class is constantly held. Moreover, students can experience to play on the stage very often.

The N-academy also produces excellent conductors for the guitar orchestra. Students actually conduct a guitar orchestra in the conducting class. They can know their weak points as their conducting reflects the performance immediately, and they also can learn how to lead the orchestra and give a proper advice in that class. Senior students visit guitar clubs at junior and senior high schools or guitar orchestras at Niibori Guitar Music School, and conduct them as OJT.

The N-academy provides a variety of OJT programs. In cooperate with other organizations of Niibori group, students can experience many jobs while they are students. At the same time, the N-academy invites top guitarists of professional guitar orchestras, professors, music coordinators, producers, editors of music books, arrangers, composers as an instructor. Therefore, students can be a person who can step in and be effective immediately after the graduation. Therefore, there is no possibility that the graduates of the N-academy have to get a job out of music field.

In the class to be an instructor, students learn how to manage a school including public relations and so on as well as how to instruct students. It is an unique curriculum peculiar to the N-academy. Therefore, students come from foreign countries can open his own music school in their mother country after the graduation. Actually, Mr. Horng Tzaytian manages a very big music school in his mother country Taiwan after his graduation, and guitar orchestras he formed there are attracting considerable attention.

The N-academy welcomes students from abroad. We hope that they learn Niibori Method at the N-Academy, and introduce guitar orchestras and our concept of world peace into their mother countries in the future.

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