As in other years, the Niibori Guitar Christmas concert tour will be held in various parts of Japan. This concert series has been started by Dr. Hiroki Niibori since 1960's to make people get close to music. It was the first music concert that a conductor himself progressed a concert as inserting explanatory comments to the program. The point of the concert is that audience and players enjoy guitar music together under the light of candles. Therefore, it is often called "Candle concert" and has been loved by lots of people for a long time. (Please refer to the November issue of 1998 for this concert's detailed history and origin)

Well, in this concert, in addition to masterpieces in the world, Christmas songs and music that were well received in a main concert held in summer are played. Of course, it is a guitar orchestra concert but it will be rich in variety this year. This year, Niibori group employed a variety of musicians who graduated academies of music in the world. Such pianists, flutists and singers will join the guitar orchestra this year and will show enjoyable entertainments. Especially program held in Tokyo and Yokohama, the first movement from 'Piano concerto No.12 K.414' (Mozart) will be played by the piano and the guitar orchestra. The accordion, the bass guitar with pickup and the timpani will play 'Flight of the bumble-bee' (N. Rimsky-Korsakov) speedy. Also, two singers and the guitar orchestra will play 'I could have dance all night' (Roere) from a famous musical 'My Fair Lady'. In 'Japon siempre Japon' (M. Sonlucar), the piano, the flute, the chorus, the percussion and the synthesizer will create moving sound with the guitar orchestra. In B program held in Odawara, Nagoya and Mishima, 'Piccolo concerto' will be played by the Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE) and the piccolo for the first time. (This number was played by the spranino recorder and the electrical guitar before)

Moreover, the Niibori Guitar men's sextet that was very popular with their rhythmical and strong sound in the main concert held in this summer, will play 'Tango en skai' (R. Dyens) in A program and 'Baion de Gude' (P. Bellinati) in B program. The Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet that has deep-rooted fans, will play 'Begin the Beguine ~ CEur Fragile' (C. Porter ~ Sennevill & J. Baudlot) and a S. C. Foster's masterpiece 'The old folks at home (Swanee river)'. Please enjoy their beautiful guitar sound and harmony that was the starting point of the Niibori sound.

In A program, the Niibori Guitar Orchestra will present 'Recuerdon de la alhambra '99' that is a masterpiece of the guitar composed by Tarrega with the request of the audience who came to the main concert in summer.

Of course, we don't forget pleasant Christmas songs. The Niibori Guitar Ensemble will play 'Sleight ride' and 'Santa Claus is coming to town' cheerfully.

Everyone, guitar fans, people who come to a concert for the first time, children, the aged will surely be able to enjoy this concert.

In Japan, lots of people say that they can't feel the Christmas has come till they listen to the concert. Not only people who are in Japan but people who are planning to visit Japan on Christmas season, please come over to our Christmas concert. We look forward to your coming.

At the last of the concert, the audience and the players will get together and sing 'Silent Night'. We wish you will have a very merry Christmas with beautiful guitar sound.

A program

Conductor & M.C. / Hiroki Niibori, Kiyoshi Koyama, Fumio Iida, etc.
Performance / Niibori Guitar Orchestra, Niibori Guitar Ensemble, etc.
Concert in YOKOHAMA
December 20 (Mon.) 19:00 at Kamakura Geijutsu Kaikan (small) in Oofuna
Reserved seats \4,500 Non-reserved seats \3,500 Non-reserved seats for students \2,500
Concert in TOKYO
December 23 (Holiday) 13:00 at Casals Hall in Ochano-mizu
All reserved seats S\4,800 A\3,800 Students\2,800

B program

Conductor & M.C. / Fumio Iida, etc.
Performance / Niibori Guitar Ensemble, etc.
Concert in ODAWARA
December 7 (Tue.) 19:00 at Minami Ashigara-shi Bunka Kaikan (small)
All reserved seats Adults \3,000 (On the day \3,500) Students \2,000 (On the day \2,500)
Concert in NAGOYA
December 11 (Sat.) 18:30 at Shirakawa Hall
Reserved seats \4,000 Non-reserved seats \3,500
Ticket center / Nagoya Niibori Guitar Music School +81-52-775-8338
Concert in MISHIMA
December 12 (Sun.) 17:00 at Mishima Shimin Bunka Kaikan (small) All reserved seats Adults \3,000 (On the day \3,500) Students \2,000 (On the day \2,500)

C program

Conductor & M.C. / Fumio Iida, etc.
Performance / Niibori Guitar Ensemble, etc.
Concert in FUNABASHI
December 19 (Sun.) 13:30 at Funabashi Shimin Bunka Hall
All reserved seats Adults \2,500 University/College students \1,800 Students \1,500
Concert in KAMIOOOKA
December 21 (Tue.) 19:00 at Kounan Kumin Bunka Center
All reserved seats Adults \3,000 (On the day \3,500) Students \2,000 (On the day \2,500)

Other programs

Concert in JOETSU
December 12 (Sun.) 14:00 at Niibori Memorial Hall in Ohshima-mura
All reserved seats \2,000 (On the day \2,500)
Ticket center / Niibori Guitar Music Academy in Joetsu +81-2559-4-3444
Concert in OKAYAMA
December 19 (Sun.) 14:00 at Kurashikishi Geibunkan
All reserved seats \1,500 (On the day \1,800)
Ticket center / Okayama Niibori Guitar Music School +81-86-232-8098
Concert in NARA
December 19 (Sun.) 13:00 at Narashi Naramachi Shimin Hall
All reserved seats Adults \2,000 Students \1,500
Ticket center / Nara Niibori Guitar Music School +81-742-23-6680

At Live House N in International Niibori Guitar Music Academy in Fujisawa, Christmas Concert Series will be started from November. Please check the schedule if you are interested by e-mail.

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