New Year's Greetings

Hiroki Niibori

Conducting Contest '98
in Kawasaki Niibori Studio
As the year of 1999 begins, I sincerely send my New Year's greetings to everyone in the world.

Last year, we established a special facility to foster good conductors of a guitar orchestra in Kawasaki, and opened a big studio exclusive for a guitar orchestra activities at the center of Tokyo. This year's theme of Niibori Group is "Make a dream come true by citizens' guitar orchestras". We wish that people would promote a mutual understanding and enrich each one's life by creating better music in cooperate with one another in a citizens' guitar orchestra, and through such experiences, lots of people would have a thought to wish everyone's happiness and peace in the world. Yes, it is a magnificent dream that can not be come true without your participation!

To make such a great dream come true, good leaders and sophisticated means should be needed. Fortunately, Niibori Group has already established 4 music academies that have a high school course and a college course both, and developed lots of original guitars(Soprano guitar, Alt guitar, Bass guitar, Cembalo guitar, Guitarron and so on) that can play any kind of music with the wide compass. I hope that someday, many good leaders who graduated from these academies would form guitar orchestras and create wonderful music with making best use of the original guitars everywhere in the world.

I spent 50 years to establish "Niibori Method". It enabled anyone to enjoy music at ease but very deep in artistic respect. But it was not an easy way. I studied music theory so hard and developed such original guitars. At the same time, I knew how difficult to search and foster good staff, and how difficult management was. But now I feel very happy to see that lots of people enjoy not only classical music but any kind of music regardless their technique, character, nationality and religion.

As you may already know, I recently developed brand new fields in the music world, called "NRM" and "PLERA". "NRM" stands for Niibori Rhythm Method, and it uses the guitar as a percussion. "PLERA" is a coined word means "player's opera". In "PLERA", players express music with their whole bodies in addition to the unique and excellent stage effects. It fuses players on stage and audience into one, and produces a wonderful impression that they've never felt.

Like this, using all means I have mentioned above, we wish to produce good leaders and sow them like seeds and bloom flowers of "peace" all over the world. Therefore, promoting citizens' guitar orchestras is the first step towards the magnificent dream. I feel that a guitar orchestra consists of more than 50 players can create ideal sounds. I have already completed special scores and instruction method for such a grand scaled guitar orchestra. Everyone in the world, let's make the dream come true together!! We look forward to your participation.

We sincerely wish that 1999 will be a happy and prosperous year for you.

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