Minato Mirai Hall
Niibori Guitar Orchestra Concert '98 will be held on September 15 (holiday) from 5:30 p.m. This year's highlights are that Prof. Tomonori Hayashi and Ms. Kyoko Momose's brilliant debut as a conductor of Niibori Guitar Orchestra group, and a waltz and polkas conducted by Dr. Hiroki Niibori who is a founder of a guitar orchestra and a musical director of this concert.

Professor Hayashi was a chief instructor of Niibori Guitar Music School in Kannai for a long time. Kannai Guitar Ensemble which he instructed, won the first prize a few times and he won the best conductor prize in All Japan Guitar Concours. Besides, he conducts Yokohama-Shonan Citizen's Guitar Orchestra consists of over a hundred people. Last May, he finally won the first prize in Guitar Orchestra Conducting Contest. His plenty of excellent achievements were highly evaluated, and he was singled out for a chief professor of International Niibori Guitar Academy, Tokyo campus that is going to be opened this summer.

Kyoko Momose
Ms. Kyoko Momose belongs to Niibori Guitar Orchestra, Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE), Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet, Guitaristus Nippon and has lots of enthusiastic fans. She is a chief instructor of Niibori Guitar Music School in Ochanomizu and a conductor of Ochanomizu Guitar Ensemble for a long time. Same as Professor Hayashi, Ochanomizu Guitar Ensemble won the first prize a few times and she won the best conductor prize in All Japan Guitar Concours. She was conferred a degree of 'Bachelor of Arts in Music' by Honolulu University in 1995. And she will be the first female conductor of Niibori Guitar Orchestra.

Then, let's introduce the program in order of play.

The opening number is 'NRM14-01-'98' composed by Dr. Niibori. NRM stands for Niibori Rhythm Method that was originated by him. It was the first NRM number he composed and played in 1989 for the first time. This time, Japanese drums are added to the orchestra and it starts the concert dramatically. Professor Hayashi makes his debut as a conductor by this number.

Next number is 'Tynsagunu-hana' composed by Mr. Kengo Momose who is a husband of Ms. Kyoko Momose. He interweaved Okinawa's folk songs 'Tynsagunu-hana' with 'Tan-chame', and completed this brand-new music. He has been visited Okinawa a few times as a member of Niibori Guitar Ensemble. He composed it remembering his memories in Okinawa. Okinawa's folk musical instruments, the Sanshin and the drums create an oriental atmosphere with the orchestra. NRM based on Okinawa's folk rhythm in the middle part and harmony of Okinawa's traditional melody and contemporary western sound are the highlights of this number. Ms. Kyoko Momose makes her debut as a conductor by this number.

Next coming is 'Prelude' from Suite No.1 for Cello (BWV1007) by Bach. Soloist, Mr. Kohiro Sasozaki is an extraordinary player of the cembalo guitar. The cembalo guitar was originated by Dr. Niibori, and it enabled to control the volume that the cembalo couldn't, and has more expressive sound than that.

Then two concertos by Mozart make you feel the taste of Austria. First one is 'Concerto for Flute No.2 in F-major K.314'. It was well received in Niibori Guitar Music School 40th anniversary concert held in September 1997. A famous flutist Ms. Chie Nagasaki joins Niibori Guitar Ensemble again and play this beautiful music under the baton of Prof. Kiyoshi Koyama. Another one is the first movement of 'Concerto for Piano No.17 in G-major K.453'. Niibori Guitar Orchestra A-group plays this number with a pianist Ms. Akiko Kawaguchi. The conductor is Professor Koyama again. The Mozart world created by the guitar orchestra with the flute or the piano, are like a fresh wind in spring, and the beautiful sound will surely take your breath away.

Finally, Dr. Niibori appears on the stage and invites you into the world of Johann Strauss "the king of waltz". First number is a world famous 'An der schonen blauen Donau'. It is called the another national anthem of Austria, and Wiener Philharmoniker plays it in its new year concert every year. Niibori Guitar Orchestra has never played it before as it's too difficult for a guitar orchestra to play, but by adding the accordion, the flute and the cello to the orchestra, it finally comes to possible to play. They say that J. Strauss's music is popular music, and always encourages people. His sound was influenced by music that his father "the father of waltz" and Joseph Lanner composed for a quartet consisted of the violin, the viola and the guitars. We believe that the guitar orchestra will create a different Strauss world from a orchestral music consists of string and wind instruments.

Then next, Dr. Niibori and Niibori Guitar Ensemble present three pleasant polkas. First one is 'Pizzicato Polka' making full use of the attraction of pizzicato, and the second one is 'Annen Polka'. The last number 'Tritsch Tratsch' describes women's chattering.

The last number of this concert is 'Geschichte aus dem Wiener Wald' that has been loved by lots of guitar fans for years. A conductor is Dr. Niibori. This repertory had been played for about 10 years from 1969. And after an interval of 18 years, the masterpiece came back on the stage last year at lots of fans' request, then it was well received again and got more fans. Please enjoy the wonderful waltz which is the best repertory of the orchestra.

'Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall' where the concert will be held, is a just opened orthodox music hall and it has 2,000 seats. It is located in MM21 area (the nearest station is JR Sakuragi-cho), and surrounded with famous sightseeing spots such as Landmark Tower, Queen's square, Yokohama art museum, Rinkai park, Nihon-maru park, Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel, Yokohama Royal Park Hotel Nikko, China town, Motomachi, Yamashita Park, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise and so on. Head office of Niibori group is not so far from the hall. It must be interesting to visit these sights before or after the concert. We look forward to seeing you in the concert hall.

Ticket in advance (All reserved seats)
SS\8,000 / S\6.000 / A\5,500 / B\4,500 / C\3,500 / Students\2,500

Ticket on the day
C\4,000 / Students\3,000

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