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As we reported in the last issue, Niibori Guitar Orchestra Live CD '98 has been released. It contains selected numbers from Niibori Guitar Music School's 40th Anniversary Concert that was held in Yokosuka Geijutsu Gekijo on September 21, 1997. A variety of numbers ranging from the orchestra's traditional repertories to the latest music are included, and this CD is worthy of the 40th anniversary.

Let's introduce the numbers included in this CD.

NRM18-01-'97 (H.Niibori, conductor: Y.Murakami)

NRM stands for Niibori Rhythm Method. It was originated by Dr. Niibori and announced in 1988. It is a new educational system for music using the guitar as a percussion instrument. This number has a subtitle of 'Shaka-sanka' and it means a hymn of praise to The Buddha. That's because this number based on the rhythm of a Japanese traditional festival, 'Oeshiki'. When it was first played in 1990, NRM and 3D sound system using tone-chimes (tone-chime players played music moving on the stage) caused great sensation. In this '97 version, a performance of the Japanese drums was added at the beginning which emphasized the flavor of Japan.

Concerto for Flute in F-major (A.Vivaldi, arr. H.Niibori, conductor: M.Kubota)

It was played by the Niibori Guitar Ensemble (a crack unit of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra) and a special guest, Ms. Chieko Nagasaki. She is an active world reknown flutist. Sweet and clear sound of the flute contrasting with the sharp and technical sound of the ensemble, created a fresh and modern sounding music.

Toccata and Fuga (J.S.Bach, arr. K.Sasozaki, conductor: Y.Murakami)

This repertory was well received at a concert in the Sydney Opera House in 1996. The Niibori genuine breathing method enabled such perfect performance. They say that this number describes infinite space, and the orchestra perfectly expressed this magnificent image on stage.

Zigeuner Weisen (P.Sarasate, arr. K.Momose & Xi-An Gu, conductor: K.Koyama)

This is a joint performance by the Niibori Guitar Ensemble and an excellent accordionist Mr. Xi-An Gu. He comes from Shanghai, China, and now is a member of Niibori Guitar Ensemble. Please enjoy the contrast between the melancholic melody in the first half and the lively rhythmical music in the latter half.

Souvenirs D'Enfance - Concerto Pour Jeune Fille Nommee "Je T'aime" (P.Senneville, arr. H.Kobayashi)

This is a performance by the Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet. It consists of two alto guitars, one prime guitar, one bass guitar and one guitarron (a male player). This is a very basic formation of the Niibori method. Their elegant and beautiful sound relaxed the audience.

Concerto for 2 Prime Guitars Op. 30, 3rd movement (M.Giuliani, arr. H.Niibori, conductor: Y.Murakami)

The 1st movement arranged for the prime guitar double solo, was played in the Sydney Opera House in 1996, and is memorialized by a CD and a video tape. This time, they played the 3rd movement and it was recorded on a CD for the first time. It would be interesting to listen to the both performances.

Geschichte aus dem Wiener Wald '97 (J.Strauss, arr. H.Niibori, conductor: H.Niibori)

Dr. Niibori, who knows everything about guitar orchestra sound, arranged this world famous number for the guitar orchestra. This is one of the most popular repertories and has been loved by guitar fans for a long time. Colorful guitar sounds and fine conducting perfectly fused made this masterpiece very impressive.

Auf der Jagd Polka (J.Strauss, arr. Y.Murakami & H.Niibori, conductor: H.Niibori)

The last 3 numbers were played as encores. Dr. Niibori's live greetings were also included. Humorous music pleased the audience very much. The fun atmosphere will be conveyed even through the CD.

Pizzicato Polka (J.Strauss, arr. S.Kikuchi, conductor: H.Niibori)

This is one of the traditional repertories of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra. Enjoy the pretty pizzicato sound of the guitar and the pleasant performance.

Wonderful Morning (H.Niibori, conductor: H.Niibori)

This is the 2nd movement of a symphonic poem 'The God of SAI' composed by Dr. Niibori. The rhythmical and pleasant melody is very enjoyable to anyone. It describes the pure and beautiful morning of Ohshima village which is located in the Northern area of Japan and is called 'Japanese Tyrol' because of the rich green surrounding the village. This cheerful number ends the CD uplifting the listeners.

This CD includes total of 12 numbers and the price is 2,800yen (ex-tax). The video tape has already been released, so please enjoy it too. Also, a bilingual magazine "The Guitar Orchestra vol. 1" (1,200 yen, ex-tax) carries the program and interesting stories about each number. In the magazine, Niibori Guitar's music CDs, video tapes, text books, music pieces, and the Niibori Method original guitars are introduced in English and Japanese.

"The Guitar Orchestra vol. 2" will be out this summer. The special feature article will be 'Conductors of a guitar orchestra'. Please keep in touch with this page for the further information.

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