by the graduates of class of 1997

In this issue, we are introducing the N-academy as a special feature article.

As we introduced before, the N-Academy is a generic name for U.S. Foundation International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Yokohama campus), Educational Foundation Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus) and Educational Foundation Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Joetsu campus). It is the only academy for the guitar in Japan that has a high school course and a college course. Dr. Hiroki Niibori serves as a principal of each academy. Their common feature is the curriculum that places the importance on Niibori Method.

Especially, the classical guitar course has the longest history, and providing a high level curriculum. Not only the classical guitar course, it provides courses for the electrical guitar, the piano, the vocal music, the conducting and so on. Now, there are 24 types of Niibori Method original guitars, and the N-academy has special instructors for each type of the guitars. Probably, there is no music school that has the instructors specially for the alto guitar, the bass guitar, the cembalo guitar and so on in the world. The original guitars all have the same peculiarities such as 1. perfect interval between each guitar, 2. 6-strings (6 courses), 3. the ratio based on the prime guitar so that every guitar could be played by the same playing method. However, each guitar has its own character, so it is necessary to learn it under the specialist to draw out the real attraction of the guitar.

A class to be an instructor is also provided. In addition to a method of instruction, students learn school management, public relations and anything useful for the future. On the job training, students work as an instructor in the schools located all over Japan.

It has been accepting students from foreign countries since the establishment. After the graduation, one of them established a fine music school in his home country and another one formed his guitar orchestras and having musical activities in various places. The N-academy has been producing lots of professional musicians and instructors in the music field.

New Face Guitar Concert also has the meaning of a graduation examination. Students have to play a concerto as a soloist in the concert to graduate. They are required to select a concerto they play, and suitable musical instruments for it, and sometimes they even arrange or compose a concerto by themselves. Through such activities, their comprehensive ability as a musician is tested. And to perform a concerto, it is necessary to unify an orchestra that backs up a soloist. So their humanity, character and reliability are also evaluated.

This year, New Face Guitar Concert took place in three different places where each campus is located. Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus) held it in Tarrega Hall in the school building on March 1, and Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Joetsu campus) held it in Niibori Memorial Hall in the campus that has a seating capacity of 700 on March 7. International Niibori Guitar Academy (Yokohama campus) had the most students to be graduated in the N-academy held it in Kamakura Geijutsu Gekijo on March 8.

In this concert, lots of concertos are played by various types of original guitars every year. Let's introduce the concertos that were favorably received this year. "Le Quattro Stagioni L'Eestate" by Vivaldi (solo: the alto guitar), "Violin Concerto No. 5, Rondo" by Mozart (solo: the alto guitar), "Concerto for 2 Oboes" by Vivaldi (solo: the bass guitar), "Concerto for Horn No.4, 3rd movement Rondo" by Mozart (solo: the bass guitar), "Concerto for Oboe, 1st movement" by Marcelo (solo: the double strings prime cembalo guitar), "Csikos Post" by Necke (solo: the guitarron), "Tanquillo de Cadiz" by Beherend (solo: the flamenco guitar). Of course, concertos by traditional prime guitar such as "Guitar Concerto A-major" by Carulli, "Guitar Concerto D-major" by Vivaldi and "Fantasia para un Gentilhombre" by Rodrigo were also played.

As mentioned above, the N-academy has not only the acoustic guitar course but the electrical guitar course, so concertos by the electrical guitar solo were also played. For example, "Concerto for Piccolo C-major, 1st movement" by Vivaldi was played. The number that attracted most attention was the electrical guitar concerto "Wisdom" composed by a professor and a student together. Though It has a classical construction as a base, the modern harmony and rhythm appealed to the present age very much.

Every student had his own history in his student life. They came to a deadlock again and again, and overcame them one by one, and finally reached to this wonderful day. Every player was applauded warmly and received flowers after the performance. The graduates were received 'Graduation certificate' and the honorable degrees such as 'Guitar specialist first-grade license', 'National specialist of Japan', 'Bachelor of arts in music', and so on. These diplomas were a result of their efforts. They surely will success as a professional musician in the world.

The N-academy welcomes students from abroad. We hope that they learn Niibori Method at the N-Academy, and introduce guitar orchestras and our concept of world peace into their mother countries in the future.


The CD contains 12 selected numbers from Niibori Guitar 40th anniversary concert and the Christmas concert that were held in 1997. Niibori Guitar Orchestra's popular repertory 'Geschichte aus dem Wiener Wald' (J. Strauss, arr. H. Niibori) is included. The price is 2,800yen (ex-tax). Please read the next issue for the detailed information.

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