On January 6, 1998, International Guitar Orchestra Association (IGOA) and Japan Educational Guitar Association (NKG) had their general assembly in a headquarters of Niibori Group in Yokohama, Japan.

As we introduced in this magazine before, these associations were established to promote international cultural exchanges through the music, education and academic activities. NKG is a domestic association, and IGOA is an international one. (Refer to "The Regulation of IGOA, Article 2, Item 3: Purpose)

As the Niibori Group's theme for 1998 is 'Foster conductors who can build a bridge over the world through music', 'Internationalization' and 'Fostering conductors' were talked a lot in the assembly.

First of all, the president Dr. Niibori reported how Niibori Group had gone international in 1997. He said that a bilingual magazine 'The Guitar Orchestra' and Niibori Group's web page 'Niibori Guitar World', rendered distinguished services last year. The magazine issued last September was read in all over the world, and the web page was accessed by people in 60 countries since the opening of last April. In the result of them, Argentina and Indonesia joined IGOA and the number of nations that accepted 'Niibori Method' came to twenty. And Niibori Guitar Orchestra participated in 'World Peace Prayer Ceremony' in Honolulu last year and took charge of the music. At the same time, 5 members of Niibori Guitar Orchestra were conferred the honorable degree of 'bachelor of arts in music' from Honolulu University. At the end of his report, he suggested that we might be able to have the first person with the degree of 'master of arts in music' from within Niibori Group in 1999.

Niibori Studio Kawasaki
Next, they talked about 'International Niibori Conductors Educational Fund' (INCEF). As we reported in the last issue, it was established last fall to find people with potential abilities to be a good conductor through contests and seminars, and support their training from various aspects. This year's first seminar and contest will be held on May 3 in Niibori Studio Kawasaki. If you are interested in this event, please check out this 'English Translation Page' in the next issue.

Then, they discussed the commemorative event for the 30th anniversary of 'All Japan Guitar Concours' in 1999. The concours has been sponsored by IGOA & NKG from the first time. They are planning to have a magnificent concert by a guitar orchestra consists of 2,000 players.

After that, Dr. Niibori gave a brief lecture and he showed the Niibori Guitar Orchestra's concerts making full use of the latest 'Niibori Method' by video tapes.

The general assembly was ended with a party and everyone had a good time with many members who rarely could meet each another.

Members of IGOA & NKG have been increasing. We look forward to your joining these associations, and working together with us toward the purpose of 'Promote world peace through music'. (See from page 8)


As the special feature (page 9) of this issue, we are introducing armature guitar orchestras in Japan. There are so many guitar orchestras in Japan that this time we picked out guitar orchestras in Niibori guitar music school only. Students form a guitar orchestra according to their level, generation, day of the week and so on. Therefore, each guitar orchestra has a different color.

A guitar orchestra consists of about 30 members is common and easy to form, but a large-scaled guitar orchestra is more enjoyable.

The Citizen's guitar orchestras usually consist of around 100 members. re are about 10 citizen's guitar orchestras and they are active in various parts of Japan now. Generally, a large-scaled guitar orchestra like a citizen's guitar orchestra is formed by a few small or medium-scaled guitar orchestras in an area. Sometimes, other musical instruments players join it. Other musical instruments such as the flute, the accordion, the bass, the keyboard, the hand-bells, percussion and chorus make guitar orchestra sounds more enjoyable.

Why don't you call out other guitar orchestras and music fans, and form a citizen's guitar orchestra in your area?


It is famous that Dr. Niibori had written lots of learned books, but 'Tact Poron' is his heartwarming autobiographical essay. 'Poron' means the sound of guitar. He wrote his unforgettable memories, and interesting episodes through his half-life with the guitar and his tact.

Unfortunately, it is published in Japanese language only, but we'd like you to take a look at this unique essay if you read Japanese a little. You will surely enjoy it and find Dr. Niibori's another face in it.

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