In September 1998, a special magazine "The Guitar Orchestra" vol.2 has been issued. Contributors are Niibori group's top guitar orchestra instructors and IGOA's members who are active in various places in the world. The magazine is written in Japanese and English. It is a special magazine issued by Niibori group to promote guitar orchestra activities by Niibori Method all over the world.

The second volume is a special edition for conductors, and the contents are as follows;.

* The first guitar orchestra conducting contest
Last May, "the first guitar orchestra conducting contest" was held by International Niibori Conductors Educational Fund (INCEF) in Niibori Studio Kawasaki there was a special facility for conducting. It is a report of the contest with photographs.

* Europe music festival in Germany
This is a report of Europe music festival in Germany that Tsu Guitar Ensemble participated. The ensemble is a member of IGOA and plays music by Niibori Method.

* Dr. Hiroki Niibori (Japanese only)
The founder of guitar orchestra by Niibori Method, Dr. Niibori talked about his view of music and conducting. He explains the importance of conducting, and told his dreams in the coming century.

* Mr. Alex Abisheganaden,
---"A success who introduced Niibori Method into Singapore"

Mr. Alex Abisheganaden is a member of IGOA, and a conductor of "Guitar Ensemble of National University of Singapore" (GENUS). He talks about how he encountered a guitar orchestra and how he formed the guitar ensemble by Niibori Method and its recent activities. His story about the guitar orchestra scenes in Southeast Asia is very interesting. His plans to promote a guitar orchestra in the world is worth to read.

* The elementary course for conducting a guitar orchestra by Kiyoshi Koyama"
This is a guide to conduct a guitar orchestra written by Kiyoshi Koyama who is a professor of Niibori Guitar Music Academy and a conductor of Niibori Guitar Orchestra. Contents are as follows;

What is a Conductor and Conductor's Tasks / Concerning a Baton (how to select a baton, the relation between the scale of orchestra and the length of a baton, how to adjust a baton) / A Conductor's clothes (suitable color, fabric, design) / How to do training (necessary materials, basic style, how to do training, how to conduct basic beats, daily training) and etc.

Lots of photographs and scores enable beginners to study conducting at ease.

* Useful tips for conducting with photographs
Using photographs that Dr. Niibori conducting a guitar orchestra on stage, analyze and explain the ideal conducing style.

* How to conduct "Haru ga kita" in baroque style,
---a set piece of the 2nd guitar orchestra conducting contest '99 by Kiyoshi Koyama

With scores, photographs and pictures, Professor Koyama instructs how to conduct theme, solo, dialogues very carefully. Main contents are Explanation of this piece, Advice for Performance, Let's Master the Basic 2 beats and so on.

* The choice video tapes for conductors by Tomonori Hayashi
In addition to the list of choice video, Professor Hayashi explains which part of each video are useful for conductors.

* Report of the latest activities by citizen's guitar orchestras in Japan (Japanese only)
This is an introduction of armature guitar orchestras in various places of Japan.

* The hottest news of International Guitar Orchestra Association (IGOA)
The regulations of IGOA and how to be a member are carried.

* Messages from the chief directors of IGOA head offices in the world
Directors all over the world report their activities.

* The program of Niibori Guitar Orchestra Main Concert '98 (Japanese only)
Program, program notes, profiles of conductors, soloists and guitar orchestras that will appear on stage.

* Test books and music scores for a guitar orchestra

* Video tapes and CDs by Niibori Guitar Orchestra

Like this, volume 2 is valuable for both beginners and professional musicians. Perhaps, it is the first book that explains how to conduct a guitar orchestra in detail. We hope that leaders of a guitar orchestra in the world read it and it would help them to improve their conducting. It would be very happy if people are interested in conducting by this book and be a conductor someday.

For your reference, we'll introduce the contents of the volume 1;
Guitar orchestras and the conductors in the world / What is 'contemporary guitar orchestra'? / Profile of Dr. Hiroki Niibori / Guitar orchestra world's 40 years of great historic story tracing by photographs / About Niibori Method watched by all the world now / Variety of guitars in a guitar orchestra and the advice to play them / About the latest expression method of the guitar orchestra / Advice to study Niibori Method in Japan / Text books, music scores, video tape and CD for a guitar orchestra/ etc.

Please take a look at this magazine, and recommend it for your family and friends. We really wish that guitar orchestras will be formed and developed all over the world, and the beautiful music would promote world peace in the future.


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