Yokosuka Geijutsu Gekijo (Opera House)
On September 21 (Sun) from 2:00 p.m., Niibori Guitar Music School will celebrate the 40th anniversary and have the commemorative concert at one of the biggest opera houses in Japan, Yokosuka Geijutsu Gekijo.

The program consists of popular repertories of Niibori Guitar Orchestra, music with their memory, and the latest repertories.

In addition to Dr. Niibori who is the founder of the school, prof. Kiyoshi Koyama, prof. Yukifumi Murakami and prof. Mitsuaki Kubota who were the top conductors of Niibori Guitar Orchestra will act as conductors.

The concert will start with 'NRM 18-01' composed by Dr. Niibori. NRM stands for 'Niibori Rhythm Method' that Dr. Niibori originated and announced in 1989. In NRM, guitars are used as percussion. '18-01' means that it's the first(01) music uses 18 musical instruments. 'NRM14-01' that was played in 1989, created quite a sensation. It was so innovative in the guitar music world that people argued pros and cons of the attempt. But soon NRM achieved brilliant success and now it was incorporated in lots of guitar schools. Also as a stage performance, NRM was highly evaluated in various countries. 'NRM18-01' has a subtitle of 'Shakasanka' (hymn of praise to Japanese god), and the rhythm is based on a Japanese religious event 'Oeshiki'. But it's not a religious music. Interesting stage effects that are changed every time give people a lot to talk about. In the first performance in 1990, some players played tone chimes as walking on the stage. This time, an unique stage worth the 40th anniversary must be waiting for us .

Second number is all movements of 'Flute concerto B-major' by Vivaldi, and a guest flutist Ms. Chieko Nagasaki will play a soloist. Niibori Guitar has been researching music by a guitar orchestra and a flute for a long time, and has some repertories. The combination of beautiful flute sound and minute guitar orchestra sound will be one of the highlights of the concert.

Third number is 'Guitar concerto A-major' by Carulli that is one of old repertories of Niibori Guitar Orchestra. It was played with world famous guitarists such as Maria Louise Aniedo and Louise Walker. Pure sound and high technique of the guitar will surely satisfy the audience.

Next number is a cembalo guitar solo by a top cembalo guitar player Mr. Kohiro Sasozaki. Cembalo guitar can control the volume of sound and in that point, it has more ability to express music than the cembalo. He will play 'Fuga BWV1000' by Bach with perfect technique.

Following the excellent solo performance, 'Toccata & Fuga' by Bach that was applauded in Sydney Opera House will be played by a guitar orchestra. After that, 2 concertos by a guitar orchestra and other musical instruments will be played. One is 'Zigeunerweisen' with the accordion, and the other is 'Piano concerto' from theme of 'Pretty divertiment' composed by Satoshi Ohmiya. 'Pretty divertiment' was composed by Dr. Niibori for children, and Mr. Ohmiya dramatically arranged it to a piano concerto. It is a pretty music like Mozart.

Then, Ladies Quartet will make audience relax by 'Souvenirs d'enfrance`Concerto Pour Une Jeune Fille Nommee "Je T'aime"'. This number is one of their old repertories. Ladies Quartet became popular with this beautiful number.

And next, Niibori Guitar Orchestra will present the 1st and 2nd movements of 'Guitar concerto A-major' by Giuliani. The soloists Mr. Mitsuji Nishikawa and Mr. Kazuyuki Terada played the 1st movement in Sydney and won the applause of the whole house.

Last number is 'The tales of the Vienna Forest waltz Op.239' by Strauss. Dr. Niibori will finally appear on the stage and conduct Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra. Waltz played by a guitar orchestra is very attractive. It was a very popular repertory and played often for 10 years from 1969. Dr. Niibori will conduct this number after the interval of 19 years. Please enjoy his artistic conducting.

After the concert, commemorative party will be held at Yokosuka Prince Hotel next to the concert hall from 6:30 p.m. For the guests come from far places, overnight discount plan is served.

Yokosuka is a famous sightseeing point in Japan, so we hope that audience and guests will visit and enjoy them too.

We are looking forward to meeting you at Yokosuka Geijutsu Gekijo on September 21.

Niibori Guitar Music School 40th anniversary concert admission fee:

Reserved seat: SS \12,000 / S \10,000 / A \8,000 / B \6,000
Non reserved: Adult \4,000 / Student \2,500


Place: Yokosuka Prince Hotel 5F banquet room 'Miura'
Fee: \15,000

Yokosuka Prince Hotel Overnight Plan

Date: September 20 (Sat) or 21 (Sun)
Fee per a person: Single use \15,000 / two people \12,000 each / extra bed \11,000 each
(twin room charge including tax & service fee, and breakfast)

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