ceremony.jpg Under Dr. Niibori's philosophy 'promote world peace through music', Niibori Guitar Orchestra had lots of international goodwill concerts all over the world. And last April, the orchestra accomplished a worthwhile work that fitted the philosophy in Honolulu. It participated in 'World Peace Prayer Ceremony' (WPPC) conducted by World Peace Prayer Society, and supported the international event by music. The society has been conducting such a peace movement actively in various countries since it was approved as a non-governmental organization (NGO) of DPI of U.N. in 1990. Their purpose is to promote a message of peace 'May Peace Prevail On Earth' which transcends all national boundaries, race, religion and creed to awaken the universal wish for peace within the hearts of humanity. All the staff are volunteers. It has a peace assembly regularly in Amenia World Peace Sanctuary that is located in the suburbs of New York .

The site of the ceremony, Honolulu is an unique town that people from 25 countries live peacefully for a long time. Orvis Auditorium that WPPC took place this time, is a famous hall where Niibori Guitar Orchestra had a successful goodwill concert in 1995.

It was the first time that a live musical performance was taken into the ceremony. Why was Niibori Guitar Orchestra entrusted with such an honorable role? The answer has already been provided by Dr. Warren Walker who was a chairman of the starvation committee of U.N. before. He said 'the sound of the guitar orchestra has a natural healing power, and it awakens and fosters a wish for peace within the heart of humanity'. It means that prayer is not only with words, but also with music.

Dr. Hiroki Niibori supported the ceremony as a music director, and Prof. Kiyoshi Koyama conducted the performance as a program manager. The orchestra that was specially formed for WPPC, consisted of Niibori Guitar Ladies Quartet, some members of Niibori Guitar Orchestra, and instructors of Niibori Guitar Music School. They all participated in WPPC with warm volunteer spirit.

On April 18, 1997, participants were welcomed with the heartwarming sound of Niibori Guitar Ladies Quartet. Then the time to start came, and clear sound of hand bells played by the orchestra announced them the beginning of ceremony. At first, they watched a video of exquisite images of Mother nature and a ceremony that took place in the General Assembly Hall of United Nations building in 1990 on a screen on the stage. While they were enjoying the video, Niibori Guitar Orchestra played a tender music 'For shining tomorrow'. After a few speeches, prayer was finally started. As raising national flags of 192 countries in turn, all participants recited the prayer 'May Peace Prevail On Earth, I pray for the happiness of the people of (the name of a nation). May Peace Be In (the name of a nation)'.

Next, a concert by Niibori Guitar Orchestra was started. First, 'Guitar concerto D-major' by Vivaldi, and a Spanish students' song 'Clavelitos' (Rondalla) were played. Mr. Moriaki Yamauchi who acted as a conductor of these two music was a member of Tsu Guitar Ensemble in Mie prefecture. He has a kidney trouble, but he participated in this ceremony as having a dialytic treatment every other day at a hospital in Honolulu. And next, Dr. Niibori appeared on the stage as a conductor and played 'Hawaiian Wedding Song' that caused a standing ovation 2 years ago. And he closed the concert with a cheerful number 'Spanish Coffee' by Frank Mills.

After the concert, the society presented Peace Poles curved a message 'May Peace Prevail On Earth' to the Mayer of Honolulu, Honolulu University and Dr. Niibori.

The ceremony was closed with a chorus 'Let there be Peace on Earth' accompanied by Niibori Guitar Orchestra.

Following the closing address, Ladies Quartet played a music and members of the guitar orchestra waved to the audience with a big smile and left the stage one after another.

After the ceremony, lots of people came from various countries lavished praise on the guitar orchestra, and said that the sound of guitar orchestra was suitable for the ceremony, and the heartwarming healing power would convey the prayer for peace all over the world.

On the same day following the ceremony, World Peace Conference was also held with representatives from 13 countries. They made a written resolution to submit to the president of U.S.A., the secretary general of United Nations and leaders of countries in dispute. It referred to war, environment and human rights. (Please see the special feature of this issue.)

This news is been reporting through the internet to the world. We believe the day Niibori Guitar Orchestra will build a bridge of peace over the world through music is coming soon.

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