As this month's special feature, we're introducing a variety type of guitars including Niibori Method original guitars with the quotation of Dr. Niibori's lecture held at the Honolulu University on April 20, 1997. He has been giving lectures on the history of guitar over 20 years. In 1976, he visited Egypt to research the origin of guitar, and took pictures of wall paintings in pyramids that described ancient guitars. At that time, the three largest pyramids were supposed to be constructed during the period from 2,700 B.C. to 2,500 B.C. Therefore, he was confident that the guitar had already existed when the pyramids were constructed or the wall paintings were painted.

But the next year, in 1977, Ms. Gilmoa at California University reproduced a guitar and a music used 6,000 years ago, and had a performance in Japan. The title of music was 'Music for the goddess of moon' and she said it described thanks to the goddess and meaning of the existence of mankind. Dr. Niibori was shocked very much because it meant that a guitar and a western music scale had already existed 6,000 years ago, and the theory that the western music scale was formed from the ancient Greek tetra chord was completely disproved.

From here, let's quote Dr. Niibori's lecture.

"We've learned lots of things from the remains of ancient Rome, and know that the kithara and the lyra were originated in ancient Greece and became popular in ancient Rome. They say that ancient Greek civilization was influenced by Egypt civilization, and the epitaphs found in ancient Egyptian royal family's tombs were the oldest proof of mankind's existence. Therefore, I carried the photos of wall paintings I took in Egypt on Guitar Music Magazine and 'Guitar Ensemble Text Book' as the proof of the guitar's origin. Colorful wall paintings were in good condition because of the dry climate, and they've been considered to be the oldest asset of mankind for a long time. But by the latest research, it appeared that Mesopotamia civilization greatly influenced ancient Egypt civilization. In Ur district prospered during Mesopotamia civilization, pieces of ancient carvings in the shape of a guitar were found. They say that in a tower located in the center of the district, 'Music for goddess of moon' was played by ancient guitars. That is to say, a guitar and a western music scale had already existed at that time, 6,000 years ago. Then, I had a question 'when and who originated them first'. But I could find no clue to answer these questions...

But next, Graham Hancock is changing the ancient history with his worldwide best seller series started from 'Fingerprints of Gods'. In his writings, he said that the three largest pyramids, Sphinx and riverbank shrine were not constructed during ancient Egypt civilization but 14,000 years ago. What existed before the Stone Age we call? Kings of Egypt wrote they were instructed by gods, but who were the gods they called? ...Who piled up such huge stones over 70 tons in the limited space in pyramids? How the music was that prostrated hundreds thousand of people?...

All I can say now are that 'the western music scale and a guitar existed from ancient times beyond our knowledge' and 'people have been enjoying music in the style of ensemble since the guitar and music appeared on the earth first'...

There is a possibility that one of the Niibori Method original guitars is the same or similar to the ancient guitar that gods gave our ancestors."

Dr. Niibori said that 'the goddess of moon' had the important meaning. And he told us that he intended to refer to the relation among 'the goddess of moon', 'meaning of mankind's existence and evolution' and 'guitar' later. We are going to carry his words about this matter on this magazine and 'The Guitar Orchestra' that will be published this summer.

We will much appreciate if you know something about 'the history of guitar' or 'the origin of western music scale' and give us some information.

If you are interested in Niibori Method original guitars and can read Japanese, we recommend you to read 'Guitar Ensemble Text Book' written by Dr. Niibori, or Monthly Harmony June issue in 1995 (vol. 306). In our web page 'Niibori Guitar World', detailed information of the original guitars are listed in English with a few photos. URL is http://www.niibori. com. We'll welcome your access.

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