Niibori Guitar Orchestra Association (IGOA) and Japan Educational Guitar Association (domestic name, NKG) had a general meeting on January 6, 1997 at the head office in Yokohama, Japan.

According to the regulation of IGOA (item 3), it's "the association, which centering around the Guitar Orchestra, through the music, art, education and academic activities, is on the purpose to promote the international cultural exchanges; to carry forward the times in a mood of 'Having the humanÕs heart to be harmonized through the music', and to contribute to the world peace."

The meeting started with Dr. Niibori, presidentÕs report of 1996. He talked about the Australia concert tour, lectures in Taiwan and Singapore, and the latest news from Korea, El Salvador and Costa Rica. Then he made a speech on this year's theme "making the audiovisual aids". He insisted that Video tape, CD and cassette tape would help people to understand Niibori Method much easier than books.

Following the chairmanÕs speech and the introduction of new members, reelection of the members of the board was conducted. As the result of it, Mr. Horng Tzytian was selected to a manager of Taiwan head office and a guest professor of Niibori Guitar Music Academy. As we reported in vol.308 and vol.323, he is a graduate of Nihon Guitar Music Academy (former name of Niibori Guitar Music Academy). After he went back to Taiwan, he established Baroque Guitar School in Taichung his hometown, and formed a guitar orchestra consisted of children. His activities has been attracting considerable attention of leading figures in Taiwan. All the members had high expectations of his further success.

After the reelection, recommendation ceremony, swearing-in ceremony, report of the business in 1996 were conducted on after another. Then they discussed the activities and business plans in 1997. As the main event for this year, the commemorative concert and ceremony for the 40th anniversary of Niibori Guitar Orchestra that will be held on September 21 were listed. The concert will take place in Yokosuka Geijutsu Gekijo, and the ceremony will take place in Yokosuka prince hotel next to the concert hall. The staff are now preparing the special plan that is suitable for the 40th anniversary. WeÕd like to report it on this page before long. And as the international activity for 1997, they discussed the support and participation of "World Peace Prayer Ceremony '97". (See the next topic about this event.)

After the meeting, a lecture by Dr. Niibori was held and the members enjoyed a video concert of the orchestras by Niibori Method. And the long and worthwhile day was ended with a party.

IGOA are looking forward to new members who agree to their policy "contribution to world peace by music". If you are interested in their activity, please contact IGOA head office in Yokohama.


earth.jpg World Peace Player Ceremony '97 will take place in Honolulu on April 19, 1997. People from all over the world will participate in the event. Participants will sign a document of the declaration of world peace, and it will be passed to the chairman of UN and presidents of U.S.A. and countries in disputes. The event will be reported internationally through TV, radio and newspapers.

The event mainly consists of five parts. They are as follows: "Peace Ceremony" at Orvis Auditorium in Honolulu, "World peace symposium", "Prayer at Pearl Harbor", "Special lecture" on the theme of world peace and the environmental problem at University of Hawaii at Manoa, and "party". Niibori Group is responsible for the music through the whole event. The reason that we were selected for the honorable role was that the sound of Niibori Guitar Orchestra had the peaceful power that attracted peopleÕs heart in the world, and considered as the best sound for the event. The site, Honolulu is a rare city where people from 25 countries peacefully live together for a long time, and considered as the most suitable city for the event. The leader of this event is Dr. Warren Walker who used to be a chairman of United Nations Conference on starvation. University of Hawaii, Honolulu University, State of Hawaii, Honolulu city and peace and cultural associations in various countries are supporting this event. Of course, International Niibori Guitar Orchestra Foundation (INGOF) and IGOA fully support it. Everyone participates in it at his own expense. We believe that it will be a worthy and historic event.

We are looking forward for your participation. In case you unfortunately can't attend it, your donation will be much appreciated.


Guitar orchestra masterpieces 1 (written by Dr. Niibori) has been reprinted. It contains lots of masterpieces for from the intermediate to the advanced leveled guitar orchestra such as 'Spring' from Four Seasons by Vivaldi, Concerto for Piccolo in C Major (No. 44, 11-…Ÿ), Concerto for Two Oboes and Through Bass, Rinaldi F.…¥ No.9, Trio Sonata for Recorders and Through Bass by Sammartini, Variations on Sakura by Michio Miyagi. We'd like to introduce this book in detail in next issue.

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