A concert by Niibori Guitar Orchestra and a party that celebrated the 40th anniversary of Niibori Guitar Music School was successfully held on September 21, 1997. We would like to thank everyone who supported and attended this event. The commemorative concert took place in Yokosuka Geijutsu Gekijo that was the first class opera house in Japan. The high quality acoustics and beautiful inside design have an excellent reputation. This time, in accordance with Dr. Niibori's wishes, the stage was framed with a great amount of flowers and a big guitar-shaped lantern was displayed on the side of the stage. The lantern was made by Mr. Masanobu Miyoshi who was a famous Japanese lantern artist patronized by the Imperial Household. He made 4 normal lanterns and 3 guitar-shaped lanterns including the big one to celebrated the 40th anniversary. 2 guitar-shaped lanterns were made in the completely same size with the prime guitar, and to our surprise, they were able to be played. Such lanterns were made for the first time, and reported by newspapers.

About the program, please refer to the English translation page of Monthly Harmony August issue.

In the concert, lots of concertos were played. In addition to the guitar concertos by Giuliani and Carulli, concertos by a guitar orchestra and other musical instruments such as flute, piano and accordion were also played. Dr. Niibori the founder of a guitar orchestra, and his prominent pupils, Prof. Kiyoshi Koyama, Prof. Mitsuaki Kubota and Prof. Yukifumi Murakami served as conductors in the concert. These three professors have great experience that served as conductors in overseas concerts and opera.

In 'Geschichte aus dem Wiener Wald' by J. Strauss, Dr. Niibori showed splendid conducting that didn't make the audience feel gravitation. He controlled the orchestra consisted of 80 players by delicate movements of his tact, and the perfect agokik spellbound the audience. And then, he gave a short speech in a friendly manner. After that, at the audience's request, he played 'Polka at Hunt' and 'Pizzicato Polka' by J. Strauss, and his original 'Wonderful Morning' for encores. It must be the unforgettable concert for the audience.

The party was held in Yokosuka Prince Hotel next to the hall after the concert. More than 3 hundreds people attended it from various fields such as trading, publishing, manufacturing, mass media, education, political, economic, and culture. After Dr. Niibori and a few guests' speeches, everyone enjoyed free time having dinner. Then, main staff of Niibori Group were introduced by Dr. Niibori, and Ladies' Quartet played beautiful music. People enjoyed the sound that had different attraction from the orchestra. The guitar has limitless attraction. Niibori Method draws out the potential possibilities. Dr. Niibori established Niibori Guitar Music School 40 years ago under his motto 'Serve good music to be a nourishment for your soul', and it hasn't changed still now and forever. (Photos: page 2 to 8)


Guitar orchestra magazine 'The Guitar Orchestra' was finally published this September. Contributors are top instructors of guitar orchestras by Niibori Method. It was printed in Japanese and English so that people in overseas can know about guitar orchestras. 'What is contemporary guitar orchestra?', 'About Niibori Method watched by all the world now', 'Variety of guitars in a guitar orchestra and the advice to play them', 'About the latest expression method of the guitar orchestra', 'Text books, music scores, video tapes and CDs for a guitar orchestra', 'Advice to study Niibori Method in Japan' will be a great help for people who are interested in a guitar orchestra or Niibori Method. 'Guitar orchestras and the conductors in the world' and 'Guitar orchestra world's 40 years of great historic story' are introduced with many photographs. The program of the 40th anniversary concert and the program notes are also carried on the magazine. Even Dr. Niibori's profile is introduced in English. It is the first bilingual magazine published by Niibori Guitar Group. We highly recommend you to subscribe to this magazine. Your further support and cooperation will be a great help for the staff to issue the magazine after this.

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