From August 1 to 3, "Izu Nirayama International Guitar Festival & Summer Seminar '97" was successfully held.

This event is annually held by Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory that Dr. Niibori serves as the president. Therefore, the curriculum is constructed based on his study of Niibori Method..

Niibori Method is generally classified into philosophic field and scholastic field. The philosophic field is well shown by Dr. Niibori's motto 'Serve good music to be a nourishment for your soul'. Niibori group is trying hard to promote world peace by guitar orchestras. The scholastic field consists of 5 fields, such as 'Score', 'Play method', 'Guitar', 'Education', and 'System'. If you are interested in Niibori Method, please access to our web page 'Niibori Guitar World', or read 'The Guitar Orchestra' that was published in September..

Then, let's report how the event was held.

August 1 (The first day)

Lecture by live performance & wide screen
"Attractions of The Guitar Orchestras"

(13:00-14:30 in Nihon Guitar Music conservatory, Tarrega Hall)
The latest Niibori Method and Niibori Guitar Orchestra's sound were introduced by live performance and on the wide screen. Instructors introduced Niibori Method original guitars and how to play them one by one.

Elective Classes
(15:30-18:00 in Nihon Guitar Music conservatory & Nirayama Jidai Gekijo)
As there were about 300 students, this curriculum took place in 2 facilities. Students attended their favorite class.

1) Classical guitar group lesson (introduction, intermediate, advanced)
2) Jazz composition & electrical guitar band practice
3) Guitar orchestra conducting method master class
4) Original guitars manufacturing class
5) Accordion lesson for beginners
6) English conversation class for musicians

5) and 6) were the new curriculums that were held this year for the first time. Accordion lesson was instructed by Mr. Yu Xi-An who was the famous accordion player in China. It is important for a guitarist to know about musical instruments that harmonize very well with the guitar. And for English conversation class, Dr. Sam Lee from America was specially invited for the instructor. These were very suitable for the international guitar festival, and lots of students enjoyed them.

'Guitaristus Nippon' Salon Concert
(20:00-21:00 in Tarrega Hall)
'Guitaristus Nippon' is a solo performance group that makes full use of Niibori Method original guitars. (Please refer to Monthly Harmony September issue) Tarrega hall was designed especially for guitar music, so the excellent sound satisfied students very well.

August 2 (The second day)

Elective Lessons
(09:30-12:00 in Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory)
A. Conducting lesson
B. Guitar lesson for original guitars
1) Soprano guitar2) Alto guitar3) Prime guitar4) Cembalo guitar5) Bass guitar6) Contrabass guitar7) Guitarron8) Prime guitar solo9) Electrical guitar10) Jazz guitar
Each lesson was instructed by top conductors and players of Niibori Guitar Orchestra. Students learned conducting and how to play original guitars from the basic skills.

Lecture by Dr. Hiroki Niibori
(13:00-14:30 in Tarrega hall)
Using the wide screen, he showed Niibori Guitar Orchestra's performance in 'World peace prayer ceremony '97' in Hawaii, Nirayama Jidai Gekijo opening ceremony 'Opera Yoritomo' and so on. At the same time, he explained the meaning of such activities.

Open Lesson of Guitar orchestra & Conducting by Dr. Niibori
(14:45-16:00 in Tarrega hall)
Dr. Niibori, the originator of guitar orchestra directly instructed a guitar orchestra and a conductor on stage. Their music was so improved enough to move audience in a short time.

NRM Stage Lesson by Dr. Niibori
(17:00-18:30 in Nirayama Jidai Gekijo)
NRM (Niibori Rhythm Method) works very well to master 'Rhythm' and 'Breathing Method' in a short time. Even beginners can enjoy NRM immediately at ease. This was a serial lesson took over the third day. Students who had mastered NRM in the lesson, could play NRM music with Niibori Guitar Orchestra on stage.

Niibori Guitar Ladies' Quartet Salon Concert & Party
(19:30-21:00 in Tarrega hall)
Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory is located in an upper-class residential area at 400 meters above. Students fully enjoyed the beautiful night view and performance of Ladies' Quartet. Ladies' Quartet is the basic formation of guitar orchestras by Niibori Method. After the concert, a party was held to foster close friendships among instructors and students. Every one had a very good time.

August 3 (The third day)

Stage Lesson 'NRM 18-01'
(09:30-10:30 in Nirayama Jidai Gekijo)

NRM Stage Lesson part 2 by Dr. Niibori
(10:40-12:30 in Nirayama Jidai Gekijo)

Open Lecture by Dr. Niibori 'Meaningful Life & Enjoyable aging'
(13:00-14:00 in Nirayama Jidai Gekijo)
This lecture was held for the students and also people in Nirayama. He picked up an aging society in the 21 century, and talked about how to send better life.

Niibori Guitar Orchestra Special Concert
(14:30-16:00 in Nirayama Jidai Gekijo)
Three days seminar was finished with the special concert by Niibori Guitar Orchestra, Niibori Guitar Ensemble (NE), Ladies' Quartet and so on. Excellent students were selected, and played 'NRM 18-01' together with Niibori Guitar Orchestra..

In summer, lots of musical seminars took place in various places in the world. But we believe this seminar is the best one in the guitar field. This event will be held next summer too. We highly recommend you to attend next year's seminar. Students from overseas are also welcomed very much.
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