New Year's Greetings

Hiroki Niibori

hn97_1.jpg As the new year approaches, I sincerely send my New Year's greetings to everyone in the world from Honolulu.

Last year, Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra consisted of 160 players could perform a symphonic poem 'The God of SAI' (PLERA) at Sydney Opera House and Melbourne Arts Center in cooperation with great stage promoter and staff in Australia. It was a wonderful international exchange for both Japan and Australia. We've been receiving honorable praises still now, and we have no words to express our gratitude. In July, I visited Taichung and saw an impressive children's guitar orchestra directed by Mr. Horng Tzaytian who was a graduate of Niibori Guitar Music Academy. In August, a guitar orchestra consisted of 400 players showed a great performance in Yokohama and set a new world record in musical field. Especially, it was a great pleasure for me that Prof. Yukifumi Murakami of Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory assumed to a regular conductor of Niibori Guitar Orchestra A-Group, and Mr. Xi-An Gu who was foremost accordion player in China joined the orchestra as a regular member. They made it possible for us to present a greater scaled performance. This year, we'd like to cooperate with musicians in the world further more and have as many international concerts as possible.

This year is the 40th anniversary of Niibori Guitar Music Academy and Orchestra. Based on the know how I've learned with my staff for 40 years, I'd like to contribute to the international activities more and more. Especially I'd like to participated in peace movement by the United Nations positively with our music which has a greater power than words. At an opening ceremony of the hall in Shizuoka, we will perform all movements of a symphonic poem 'The God of SAI'. And this year, we'd like to have close communication with many communities and small circles, and have concerts or lectures under the theme of 'meaningful life'. How wonderful if I could have a network and bulletins that inform the events for 'meaningful life' or 'how to enrich your life' various places in Japan for hearty 21st century. Through such activities, I wish that each town and country unite closely and everyone on the earth feel that we're one family. In 2000, a great number of guitar orchestras will come to our hometown, Yokohama from all over the world, and 1000 players will show a magnificent performance as one orchestra to prove we are one family.

On the 40th anniversary, I'd like to introduce our achievement that can be listed as numbers here. I express our thanks to everyone, and wish your healthy and prosperous new year.

Niibori Group Records

The total of concert held up till date is 4253
Charity concert, 32 years
Concert tour, 10 Countries (United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Taiwan, Singapore, China, U.S.A., Australia)
Countries that adopted Niibori Method, 18 countries
Professional guitar orchestra by N-Method,13 orchestras
Conductors I fostered, 16 persons
Amateur guitar orchestra by N-Method, 91 orchestras
N-Method Original guitar, 24 types
Text and music book, 53
Monthly Harmony, 324 volumes
Record of the best audience for a concert, 17,530 people
Biggest orchestra, 400 players
Prizes from all over the world, 33 prizes
as of January, 1997

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