- The 87th Niibori Guitar Music Academy Concert by students -

The 87th Niibori Guitar Music Academy Concert by students was held on June 30, 1996.

Dr. Hiroki Niibori had three dreams that he had been nursing in his mind for a long time. These were: 'I want to establish a music academy that everyone can enjoy variety of music through the guitar as a root of all musical instruments' , 'I want to serve a good music which can be a nourishment for everyone's soul in the world' and 'I want to form guitar orchestras which can move everyone's hearts'. And in 1957, he finally established Niibori Guitar Music Academy that is known as the biggest music academy teaches music using guitars in Japan now.

There are lots of branch schools in various places in Japan. Each school has concerts on a small scale several times in a year, but this annual concert is held on a large scale and only the students from all over Japan who won keen advanced contests can get the right to play in it. This year, 16 soloists, 16 ensembles and 31 orchestras won the victories. The concert took place in Kamakura Geijutsukan and Numazu citizen's cultural center on the same day.

It may be difficult for everyone to imagine though, students of the academy naturally use the Niibori Guitar Original Guitars such as the soprano guitar, the alto guitar, the bass guitar, various types of cembalo guitars, the contrabass guitar and the guitarron. Therefore, solo or ensemble players make full use of them and play original pieces not only classical ones. It means that 24 types of the Niibori Method Original Guitars makes it easier for everyone to compose original pieces. I heard that recently composers came to the deadlock to compose music for the guitar. If they knew the original guitars, they might be able to compose thousands of new pieces for the guitar. Additionally, NRM (Niibori Rhythm Method) that Dr. Niibori originated a few years ago makes it much easier for anyone to create original music, and as the result of that, music popularized a lot and is spreading among people who didn't have a chance to listen or play music. The concert that is full of variety never tired audience to the end.

This time, to our surprise, a guitar orchestra consisted of 170 players appeared on the stage. They played their original "NRM pathos of Spain '96" (composed by H. Niibori and arranged by T. Sugihara). It was favorably received and applauded for a long time. Even if it is a performance by students, we can feel colorful and wide ranged sound, and well of the music in it. I believe that anyone can enjoy and join guitar orchestras by Niibori Method at ease, and the heart warming sound makes people's hearts happy.

At last, I would like to introduce greetings of Dr. Niibori that was carried in the pamphlet of this concert.

"It is said that the most troublesome thing in the human's society is a communication. I guess that most of the people have an experience to long for the life in an uninhabited island. But people who can live alone for a long time in such an environment is few. Human being is a creature that can't endure a solitude and needs friends. If he found a good friend, it means that he could get the enjoyable life. But it is difficult to meet a good friend who really understand you in the office. However, since people get together at the academy all love music and guitar just like you, you can easily find good friends whom you will spend useful time through your life with. How wonderful to play music and to have moving experience with hundreds of friends who have the same dream. I originated Niibori Method and NRM so that anyone can easily step into such a wonderful world.

Guitar orchestra was an unprecedented attempt. I believe that each one who come to the concert today has a different life style. Therefore, it is nonsense to apply the inflexible method to all students. The base of my method is that instructors find the best way to learn and enjoy music for each student. Even so, the right direction should be shown so that every student can know the deep enjoyment of music even if they all go through the different way. In a guitar orchestra, there is no one who has the same personality. Person with small hands and little power, person who is dynamic, person with a big heart, person who is impatient, person who is steady, dreamer, and person who likes the accordion, the piano, the keyboard guitar, percussion and singing in addition to the guitar. Guitar orchestra is an epitome of the human's being's society. Recently, guitar clubs are increasing in various places in the world. Guitar orchestra by Niibori Method is an asset for the 21st century and now very famous in the world. I'm sure that everyone who come to the concert today can immediately join a guitar orchestra and enjoy music.

People who love music all look younger. Their cheeks are pink and faces are shining. They are healthy from the inside. Every time they feel thrill, happiness and loneliness by music, alpha waves and the best hormone '-endorphin' generated. And such a chemical action revives not only human's mind but skin and body. It has been proved by the modern medical world and scientific world. It can be said that everyone who come to the concert today is standing the starting point of the way to your happier life. Please spend worthwhile life. I wish this concert will become a lasting memory for both players and audience from the bottom of my heart."

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