Music Director, Hiroki Niibori

hn.jpg Greetings to every one who enjoys the guitar orchestra in 18 countries over the world. Tonight, here In the international city of Yokohama, we the creators of the guitar orchestra, are very pleased to present 'Niibori Guitar Orchestra Festival' with members of the comprehensive civil guitar orchestra and our Niibori Guitar Orchestra which safely returned from international goodwill concerts in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. According to recent information, confirms by the received tapes and photos, that the guitar orchestra is also being trained on a high level in Central America by following the Niibori Method. Up to now, it has come to 18 countries where the guitar orchestras have been organized with using formally the guitars from alto guitar to guitarron.

As you know, the most distinguished feature of Niibori Method is that it is possible to play the different style music with a abundant technique of expression which has improved much better than before, by using about over 23 types of guitars from the piccolo guitar, the highest in pitch; and the sopranino guitar to the soprano; alto, prime, bass, contrabass guitar and guitarron; and the various kinds of chamber guitars; single or double strings guitars; and the guitars tuning in various intervals for children and pupils. They are all '6 strings' and each type of instruments is tuned in 'Perfect Interval' between each other, and strings are tuned with an 'Identical Tuning Ratio' as the regular so-called prime guitar. It is its characteristic of having these 3 factors, for, if a person who has mastered the basic technique of playing guitar for one, the one can soon enjoy playing all the parts, and so, it is very easy to be popularized.

Moreover, it is by means of gathering the guitars from the small to the big as the same as guitarron, we can enjoy the various styles of percussion orchestra, by using the way of 'Knock the body' playing a guitar as a percussion instruments. Recently, the Rhythm Method, which using the Niibori Instrument series as so-called NRM, published in 1988, has been considered as the main research 'Theme' of the guitar orchestra in various countries. This evening, the new musics of 96's NRM are going to be given one by one.

Well, concerning the traditional guitar orchestra and the NRM, the brilliant future of the PLERA field (Player's Opera, the consolidated artistic form, composed of performance, sound and stage effect) is coming into view. I have confidence that in the 21st this field will play its role of 'Build a friendship bridge among the countries all over the world'. From now on, by the continuing of carrying on the traditional and historical artistic cultural heritage, we should cooperate with the artists from various fields such as sound, lighting, stage effect, costume, scene designer, stage properties, performances and management etc. to produce the work which should be excellent; never be unsatisfactory; and fitting for the 21st century. The composers should take it as a starting point beforehand, and the conductors should it well acknowledged, for, we can not lose the aim to have our high level audience be impressed with our colorful music, even sometimes their requirements are very strict. And so, the players can be easily taken as friends to everyone, and moreover, it will make a person have a intention of soon joining the 'guitar orchestra', a group filled with enjoyment and interesting through our innovative concert tonight.

Please enjoy the music of the 21st century and the music of our next generation.



walker.jpg As president of the International Niibori Guitar Orchestra Foundation, I would like to extend my sincere greetings from our headquarters to music love's worldwide. A great breakthrough has come to all humankind through the Niibori Guitar Orchestra. The sound is unique, friendly and symphonic.

It is our intention and purpose to share this remarkable concept of Dr. Niibori to all nations. It is beautiful and healing, bringing people of many races into happiness and peace.

The great success of Niibori Guitar Orchestra not only in Japan but also Europe, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Hawaii and Australia brought great excitement and happiness to everybody.

The lecture and Guitar Orchestra concert worldwide by Dr. Niibori is one of the finest cultural gifts Japan contribute to the United Nations.

I sincerely hope that all of you will join us to make this Foundation a complete success. Japanese leadership can make the world a better place.

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