Niibori Guitar Orchestra Festival' 96

More Resounding & More Brilliant Guitar Orchestra
is drawing nearing !

170player Having been come into the world for 39 years, piled up Japanese history, "Guitar Orchestra" which was planned and originated by Dr. Hiroki Niibori (the principal of Niibori Guitar music Academy and School., Ph. D. in music.) is now, in 1996, to be introduced to more than 18 countries all over the world, and even have been put in practice there.

This fact also appears out of the information which was sent to the INGOF (International Niibori Guitar Orchestra Foundation). For example, the CD sent from El.Salvador was written such a commentary as follows,"The music is played on various forms of Niibori Method guitars from alto Guitars to guitarron. It is really a "Niibori Sound". And moreover, when Niibori Guitar Orchestra made a concert tour in Australia in March 96, an alto guitar, made by an Australian guitar craftsman, was sent to Dr. Niibori's dressing room in Melbourne Concert Hall. (the doctor is the musical director of Niibori Guitar Orchestra as well as the conductor and the chairman of NGOF). "It is a high class instrument," said the doctor,"it is easy to play and its sound is soft and carry well."

In either, as we realized such a feature, whoever is making the efforts for the success of guitar orchestra , will come into contact with Niibori Group, or be engaged in research and development.

Well, in this summer , Niibori Guitar Orchestra is going to hold a main concert in our own country.

Saying about the new feature of the concert in this time is that it will not only be performed by A Group of Niibori Orchestra, which is activitily in making concert tour all over the world, or only by Grand Orchestra, but also will be performed by some other representative guitar orchestras orgnized by ideal, for there are many guitar orchestras belong to Niibori Guitar Group and they will come from other cities, towns and various parts of our country. We named this event as "The Guitar Orchestra Festival".

This event can be also stated as a time to show the advanced develop-ment of our Niibori Group's "The history of research and devolopment in instruments" and "The performence techniqes; musical scores; education and support systems" etc. since last 39 years.

Niibori Guitar has been existing and devoloping by the research of "the field of guitar orchestra from being created up to time" and of the latest NRM, which has been praised as "state-of-the-art intelligent culture (the field of new performance way of percussion orchestra through the elemen-tary rhythmical training method bassed on guitars and guitar orchestra); and by "PRELA" (the field of a consolidated artistic formcomposed of performance; image and sound elements). And they are closely packed with he indispensable themes of the wonderful art field in 21st. century as well.

As it was mentioned above, many citizen orchestras will appears on the stage, and in their programs are almost the original works for guitar orchestra, including the works of NRM which are attracted to all over the world in nowadays. These are the music that you can't lose to appreciate if you are interested in the introduction and popularization of guitar orchestra. Most of these works are not only for the professional level, but can be played by children or aged, by experienced and unexperienced. They are simple, easy to play, but will give the audience unbelievable impression and satisfaction, though it won't be so much difficult for the player. These are what the wonderful feature that the original of Niibori Method has ! If you feel something unbelievable, we will welcome you to enjoy our concert at first.

Nearly all the citizen guitar orchestras in our country are not use the electronic instrument. The classical guitars they use, in the main, are the various forms of Niibori Method guitars. Well, in this time, the group who use the electric guitar will also come to stage. It never means to play the rock by a Elec-Band. What they will perform is the classical music, and they want, not the music which was accompained by monotonous rhythm, but to go to a step further to investigate the artistic quality and possibility of electric guitar. this time they will give a challenge to perform an arranged work "Tableaux D'une exposition" composed by Mussorgsky.

Well, this is about the first part of the program in this time, a various forms of guitar orchestra will come to the stage. The second part will be performed by A Goup of Niibori Guitar Orchestra, an orchestra of the top professional level in the world. What it should be noticed of their program, especially, is the work of Bach's "Doccata and Fugue in D Minor", which will be performed as a concerto. Although it was the piece for an organ solo, it had been performed by the orchestra conducted by Stokowski and by the others. This time, it has been arranged for guitar orchestra and will be played on the same kind of instrument. The skillful sound construction is worth hearing. Moreover, you can't lose this oppotunity to hear the work "NRM 18.0", using with a motive sound effect, devised and composed by Dr. Hiroki Niibori. The finale is the work "Wood Waltz" also composed by Dr.Hifoki Niibori, and will be performed by a big The concert will be held on August 18 (Sunday), from 4:00 p.m. in kanagawa Citizen Large Hall, a hall that is located in Yokohama city, an international city and a very famous tour resort, surrounded by the Yokohama Harbour; the Yamashita Park; China Town; Motomaji and the Bay-Bridge. It is a good opportunity if you would make a plan to enjoy both the concert and the tour of Yokohama.

The ticket price is as follows:

* An advance for ordinary \4,000. (that day,\4,500)
* An advance for a student\2,000.(that day, \2,500)

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