by the graduates of 1995

b.jpg On March 2, 1996, 'New Face Concert' by the graduates of N-Academy of 1995 was held at Mie Prefectural Bunka Kaikan 'Yu-Yu Hall'.

As we introduced in the last issue, N-Academy is a generic name for US Foundation International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Yokohama campus), Educational Foundation Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus) and Educational Foundation Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Joetsu campus). It is the only academy for the guitar in Japan that has a high school course and a college course. Dr. Hiroki Niibori serves as a principal of each academy. (Detailed information about N-Academy was carried in May issue of 1995, vol. 305.)

Students of the college course have to play a concerto as a soloist to graduate. They are required to select a concerto they play and musical instruments that are suitable for it, and arrange or compose a concerto by themselves. Through such activities, their comprehensive ability as a musician is tested. And to perform a concerto, it is necessary to unify the orchestra that backs up a soloist, so his humanity, character and reliability are also tested.

Students of the high school course can graduate by playing solo, duet or ensemble. But to our surprise, there were students played a concerto this year.

Masato Shimizu of Izu campus arranged 'Csikos Post' (composed by Necke Hermann, arranged by Niibori Guitar Ensemble) to a guitarron concerto, and played it cheerfully and pleasantly.

Tomohiro Ito of Izu campus arranged 'Concerto for Oboe' (Marcelo) and played it with a double prime cembalo guitar brilliantly.

N-Academy has the electrical guitar course. Students who learned in the course also have to clear the same condition with the classical guitar course to graduate. Whatever course they belong to, everyone has to learn both electrical guitar and a traditional guitar . Tomohiro Ito is a student of the classical guitar course, but he is one of the best electrical guitar players in the academy.

This time, there were students who played the electrical guitar. Hiroyuki Yamatani of Yokohama campus, high school course played 'Le Quattro Stagioni, L'Estate' (The Four Seasons 'Summer' ) (Vivaldi) by duet of the electrical guitars.

Of course, the performances by the graduates of the college course were really excellent.

Tomoko Ishida played 'Andante for flute and orchestra in C major K.315' (W.A.Mozart) with very beautiful and sensitive sound by the alto guitar solo. And Kouichi Ozaki played 'Concerto for Two Violins in G-minor' (Vivaldi), and Hiroshi Watanabe played 'L'estro Armonico Op.3-9' (Vivaldi). They both used the alto guitar for their performances.

Chinami Ishigami played ' Concerto for Horn No.4-3 'Rondo' E flat-major K.V.945 ' (Mozart) with the bass guitar, and her dignified performance received a great applause. (This is a piece that I arranged for my graduation, and I was very glad that she played it. )

Concertos that were composed originally for the guitars were also played.

Terukazu Seto played 'Guitar Concerto in D-major Op.99-3' composed by M.C.Tedesco.

Tomoo Inoue who has very high technique and won the 1st prize in All Japan Guitar Concours, solo section played 'Fantasia Para Un Gentilhombre, Espanoleta e Fanfare de la Caballiera de Napoles' by J.Rodrigo. In his performance, he showed his high musical ability that was a slightly different from before. His arrangement for the back orchestra was so natural and highly evaluated by the judges. He drew out a brand new attraction of the piece by the guitar orchestra.

Each graduate received a great applause and a lot of flowers. We believe that they're promising musicians and they have bright prospects before them.

N-Academy accepts students from abroad. If you have any questions, please contact below:

Sydney and Melbourne concerts we picked out on this page before were great success and finished with a standing ovation. (Photos from page 2) We would like to report it in the next issue.

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