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spring_concert.jpg N-Academy Spring Concert took place at 'Curian, large hall' in Tokyo (Capacity 1000) with a full audience on February 12, 1996.

N-Academy is a generic name for US Foundation International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Yokohama campus), Educational Foundation Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus) and Educational Foundation Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Joetsu campus). It is the only guitar academy in Japan that has a high school course and a college course. Dr. Hiroki Niibori serves as a principal of each academy.

Players of this concert is carefully selected from a lot of students. Criteria for selection is not only a technique but performance, originality and so on.

As in other years, N-Method was made full use in the concert. Solo, duet, ensemble, orchestra and a combination performance of chorus and ensemble by N-Method guitars made the concert colorful.

This time, originals and arranged pieces stood out and attracted considerable attention. Since N-academy has various courses like the piano course or the jazz course in addition to the classical guitar, each original had individual colors. Especially the ones took in NRM were favorably received. Let's introduce some of them.

NRM ensemble, 'Spring Festival' (composed by professor Hayato Matsuura) was played with 3 alto guitars, 1 prime guitar, 1 bass guitar, 1 guitarron, 1 glocken, 1 metalphone and 1 tree-chime. It described fantastic Spring in Japan.

NRM ensemble, 'Village Festival' which was played with 2 guitarrons and percussion, was based on the Japanese nursery rhyme that had the same name. Players put on a Japanese traditional costume for a festival called 'Happi' and performed it with dance pleasantly. Please look at the score carried on the last issue.

NRM ensemble, 'Dance of the flowers' (composed by professor Satoshi Ohmiya) was played with 2 alto guitars, 1 bass guitar and 1 guitarron. This pretty piece would be loved by intermediate graded students. We are going to carry the original scores played in the concert one by one on this magazine.

Of course, the classical masterpieces by the prime guitar solo were played in the concert. These were: 'Sunburst' (A. York) by Tomoo Inoue, 'Scherzo' (L.Legnani) by Shuko Sato, '12 etudes No.7' (Villa-Lobos) by Ken-ichi Ito and 'Gavotte Choro' (Villa-Lobos) by Kouichi Ozaki. Each one showed a great performance and enjoyed classical guitar fans very much.

Solo performances by N-Method guitars were also played. In addition to the alto guitar, bass guitar, guitarron, cembalo guitars that guitar fans have already been familiar with, the soprano guitar- shaped (pear-shaped) double-strings alto cembalo guitar (See 'My Guitar Corner' of March issue) made a brilliant debut. It played 'Saraband and Gavotte from suite D-minor' (Bizet) with its noble and elegant long tones. In the latter half of the concert, guitar orchestras of each academy appeared on the stage. Especially 'Carmen' by the guitar orchestra of Yokohama campus was the best part of the concert.

The concert was finished with NRM 'Nagashino' by the combined guitar orchestra consisted of 120 members. It lasted over 2 hours, but it never tired audience to the end.

N-Academy accepts students from overseas. If you have any questions, please contact below.


Dr. Niibori's special lecture 'the recommendation of hobby, meaningful life and brain exercise' that was held at the end of last year, created a great sensation. Respond to it, last issue has given extra space to special stories on the theme, and picked it out in his corner this month too. Let's introduce his definitions in it.

hn_ikigai.jpg What is a hobby?

Good hobby meets three requirements.
1. It can be continued through the life.
2. People come in close touch with the others through it.
3. Sense should be brushed up by it. (Like NRM)

What is the meaningful life?

Mind is a brain working.
By listening to good music, -endorphin and dopamine are generated. They have the function to restore youth and prevent aging. Bad mind and stress generate noradrenalin and it makes people sick and promote aging. That is to say, good hobby keeps one's brain young and makes people live longer.

Death=fulfillment of life's evolution

If one is sending a good life, he is evolving as a creature. Good hobby exercises and develops his brain during his span.

Dr. Niibori said that only the music, especially the guitar orchestra meets all the requirements. Why don't you start enjoying music, then better life maybe starts from tomorrow.

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