nkg_mtg.jpg A general meeting of Japan Educational Guitar Association (domestic name, NKG) was held at the head office in Yokohama on January 6, 1996. As we introduced in December issue (vol. 312) in 1995, this is one of the largest guitar associations in Japan and it has been operating under the policy 'Serve good music to be a nourishment for your soul'. Its primary activities are holding All Japan Guitar Concours (consists of 10 sections) annually, presenting overseas concerts, and developing Niibori Method (guitars, scores, text books, conducting method, instructing method, arranging method, NRM, PLERA and etc). Since its establishment, it's been developing new fields for the guitar one by one, and got many good results. In 1993, it held the 20th anniversary celebratory concert commemorating the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan. Its magnificent stage by 80 members of the guitar orchestra was favorably received by people in China. And this March, it will present Australia-Japan International Goodwill Concerts in Australia in cooperation with Australia Japan Music Society. 115 members will visit Australia with 100 guitars, Japanese drums and lots of musical instruments. In addition to its large repertory, the guitar orchestra will play a symphonic poem 'The God of SAI' (PLERA) that Dr. Niibori originated. The Goodwill concert in Japan that was held by the same program in last November was a great success. (See Feb. issue) It will be a great honor for the orchestra and the association both to have concerts in world famous Sydney Opera House and Melbourne Arts Center Hall.

At the beginning of the general meeting, the president of the association Dr. Niibori have a speech and clarified the purposes of the association and the goodwill concerts. He said as follows:

"For 35 hundred millions of the man's history, wars have been happening somewhere in the world. And good people barely won and are keeping world peace. It's impossible to repress people by force. It's very sad that people hurt one another.

Now, information, people and materials are coming and going through borders. We have to think of peace on the earth scale. Force never unites people. Only the popular culture enables us to believe that all the humans are family. Music takes the walls of the races and languages away. Through music, people can understand one another deeply and have a heart loves peace..

30 years ago, the association was established to foster leaders who promote the policy 'unite people through music'. Therefore, we feel very happy to have the goodwill concerts this time. Let's play the music we love, and promote 'the worldwide family'.."

Following a topic of the international goodwill concerts, he talked about some themes the association would pick up toward the 21st century. For example, having international symposiums and international guitar classes, making a VTR lesson series, establishing grand guitar orchestras consist of over 100 members in various places, forming a guitar orchestra in Hawaii, fostering the successors, study of the guitarists' health and relation between music and health and so on.

Before long, information about these topics will be provided through internet. 'Relation between music and health' will be taken up in this magazine this year. If you have any data or information about them, please furnish them to us.

The association is waiting for your participating in the events like international symposiums and various classes. It is open to everyone in the world. Anyone who agrees its policy is recommended to be a member.

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