operahouse.jpg Australia-Japan International goodwill concert at Orchard Hall was held on November 29, 1995.

Orchard Hall is located in Shibuya, Tokyo and it has a seating capacity of 2,090. To perform there, you must pass the hard audition. And Niibori Guitar Orchestra was able to pass so many hard auditions and got the honor of performing at world famous halls like Purcell Room, Fairfield Croydon and so on. This proof the great quality of their ability.

Before the day of the concert, all tickets were sold out. Orchard Hall was full with audience and was filled with enthusiasm. Lots of fans came to see the concert from Australia, China and other countries.

The concert started with 'Concerto for Flute and Harp K.299 I Allegro' by Mozart. The flute part was played by a special guest Ye Hong-Qi who was the Chinese best bamboo flutist, and the harp part was played by 3 soprano guitars (1 octave higher than the prime guitar), 2 prime guitars and 1 contrabass guitar (1 octave lower than the prime guitar). Warm sound of the bamboo flute harmonized with the orchestra sound and brilliantly played the music by Mozart.

Next was 'Passagio & Presto from Suite No. 1 for Lute' by J. S. Bach. An accomplished player of the 12 strings prime cembalo guitar (steal double strings guitar played with needles or a pick), Kohhiro Sasozaki played it by solo solemnly.

For the third number, Ladies' Quartet played 'Un Bla c Jour D'un Chaton ~ Tempest' by R. Stolz / Beethoven with delicate and gentle sounds possible only for ladies. The ensemble consists of 2 alto guitars, 1 prime guitar, 1 bass guitar and a guitarron (male). This formation is the starting point of Niibori sound and Niibori Guitar Orchestra.

And for the fourth number, Niibori Guitar Orchestra performed their original concerto, 'Variation on Sakura' that was known as a Japanese masterpiece for Koto. It was arranged for the guitar orchestra, and 4 soloists wore Kotozume (pick for Koto) on their right-hand fingers and played the alto guitars fascinatingly. Japanese traditional costume dress, Kimono that soloists wore gave more attraction to the performance.

The last number of the first part was 'Guitar Concerto A major op.30' by Giuliani. 2 prime guitar soloists played this difficult number with high-technique and received unprecedented praise. It was also played at a concert in Honolulu in May 1995 and was highly recommended.

In the second part, all movements of symphonic poem 'The God of SAI' composed by Hiroki Niibori, were performed by Niibori Guitar Grand Orchestra (110 members). (If you are interested in it, please see the back numbers Dec. 94, Feb. 95 and Mar. 95. Then you'll know its real attractions.)

PLERA (player's opera) originated by H. Niibori, is a synthetic art consists of sound, lighting and stage effects. In PLERA, players express the music with their whole bodies. Therefore, an opera house is suitable for this symphonic poem.

A magnificent musical pageant including 4 scenes lasted 45 minutes and fully satisfied the audience. Especially, scene 4 that described the humankind's happiness with the guitar orchestra and Japanese drums was applauded enthusiastically. Letters and facsimiles that convey their impression are still coming to the academy.

In March, Sydney concert will be held on the same scale and program. With the originator of the guitar orchestra, H. Niibori, 110 players visit Australia with about 100 guitars, percussion, and other musical instruments. It is the first event for the guitar music world that the guitar orchestra have concerts on such a large scale in overseas. Their achievement will surely be recorded in the musical history.

We highly recommend you to see the concert by all means. Especially for those who are involved in the musical world, it will be the worthwhile concert we believe.

Concert schedule in Australia in Sydney Opera House on March 23 (Sat) and Melbourne Arts Center on March 24 (Sun). Any questions about the concerts should contact the address and phone number below.

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