New Year's Greetings

Hiroki Niibori

portrait.jpg I sincerely send my New Year's greetings to everyone in the world.

This year, Australia-Japan International Goodwill Concerts will take place in Sidney on March 23, and in Melbourne on March 24 on large-scale. 170 people including 110 players in total visit Australia, and about 100 guitars and keyboard guitars manufactured by world famous craftsmen and percussion including 40 Japanese drums appear on the stage. A variety of musical instruments, advanced stage effects and beautiful dresses create a hot drama and form a synthetic art 'PLERA' for the 21st century. 'The God of SAI' is a symphonic poem that has a message 'Happiness will come to anyone who have done one's best' and audience can enjoy it by both seeing and listening. Chinese best bamboo flutist, Mr. Ye Hong-Qi joins the orchestra and lots of music fans come from Singapore and other countries. This international historic event is held in cooperation with many people in Australia. I believe that many people who witness this event will try to promote world peace in the future. By now, I've shown lots of performances by solo, ensemble and orchestra in U.K., France, Spain, Hungary, Austria, China, Taiwan, Singapore and U.S.A. with the ardor and the spirit of volunteer. Preparation and expense troubled us so much, but we got the asset in our hearts more than the hardship through such an activity. As time passed by, the asset fostered spirit that loved music and peace in our hearts, and as the result of it, it made us develop guitars and techniques, and increase fellows. This is also a result of it that I can have such a great event on the ideal scale. Now I feel the power of the music and believe firmly that music can promote world peace. I appreciate everyone's heartwarming support sent from many countries.

Japan Educational Guitar Association (domestic name, NKG), one of the sponsors of this event, rendered lots of academic achievements during its 32 years of history, and became one of the largest associations in the guitar world. From this year, people from the overseas join the general meeting and its name and concepts are needed to be nationalized. And as the head office of International Niibori Guitar Orchestra Foundation in Honolulu is becoming active, we have to be ready to accept students from other countries. Also I'd like to enrich the education method for the better performance, and have international symposiums, studies and lectures of the guitar often. Especially, formation of 'PLERA project' should have first priority to transfer all academic materials to video tapes. On the other hand, it is important to be considerate of the aging society and communicate with regional communities through our volunteer activity. Of course, I'll get on with my work to improve Niibori Method this year too. And manufacturing and study of the guitar at Joetsu campus in great nature are promising activity of Niibori group. At the same time, improvement of the stuff's labor conditions and communication with their families are the important themes I have to work with too. This year is the 39th year of our group. I feel the necessity to reexamine each word of Niibori Method books I wrote.

We should walk to the next century together as being fully aware of our responsibility as a member of the worldwide family.

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