at the Golden Hall of the Musikverein


sGreat Success!!! Announcement of Niibori Guitar Music Academy 50th Anniversary Good Will Concertt

This year, 2007, is the 50th anniversary of Niibori Guitar Music Academy and Orchestra.
So, we held the 50th anniversary concerts in Tokyo, Vienna, Munich and Seoul.

The concerts in Tokyo took place at Tokyo Opera City:Takemitsu Memorial on Sept.22 (7 p.m.) and Sept.23 (1 p.m.).

The concert in Seoul took place at the World Gloria Center on Oct.27 by the Niibori Guitar Ensemble was invited for the Seoul International Guitar Festival and it caused all standing ovation!!!

The concert in Munich took place at the City Hall in Germering(Munich) on Nov.17 and the concert in Vienna took place at the Golden Hall of the Musikverein on Nov.19 by the Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra which consisted of 120 members.
Both concerts in Europe were UNICEF-benefit and they caused so many people standing ovation!!!

We are so glad to succeed in these concerts!!!

Thank you for your cheering!!!

A special report from the veteran player


Musical Supervisor & Conductor
Hiroki Niibori

Other Conductors
Toshio Matsumoto, Mitsuaki Kubota, Kazuhiro Komatsuzaki, Kazuyuki Terada,
Naoto Shibayama, Kyouko Momose, Toshinori Sugihara and others

Niibori Guitar Philharmonic Orchestra
Niibori Guitar Ensemble
Niibori Guitar Quintet
Niibori Guitar Sextet
and so on

Stage Manager: Shun'ichi Hayashida, Management: N-Planning

Sponsored by
Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation
Japan Airlines
Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.,Ltd
Japan Consulate in Munich
Vienna City

The International Niibori Guitar Orchestra Foundation
Educational Foundation Niibori Gakuen


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