A Musical Evening of
Three Conductors
& Niibori Guitar Orchestra

Kiyoshi Koyama, Mitsuaki Kubota, Yukifumi Murakami are matured conductors of Niibori Guitar Orchestra. Not only conducting, they completely mastered Niibori Method and have lots of experiences to appear on the stage in overseas. Their conducting with passion held the audience spellbound.


Price: \5,250(tax incl.)

1.Concerto for Four Harpsichords in A-minar BWV1065 (J.S.Bach)7.NRM3.10 "Chick" '93 (H.Niibori)
2.Waltz Op.64-2 (F.Chopin)8.NRM7P.0P"Valencia" (H.Niibori)
3."Summer" from Le Quattro Stagioni L'Eestate (A.Vivaldi)9."Tales of the Vienna Forest" Waltz Op.329 (J.Strauss)
4.Canzone in Baroque Style (M.Hayakawa)10.A Blacksmith of Polka (J.Strauss)
5.Concerto "Subaru" for Bass Guitar (M.Hasegawa)11.Wonderful Morning (H.Niibori)
6.An Bond Do La Riviere - A Commo Amour (Senneville & Toussaint)

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