Niibori Guitar Orchestra '92
'The God of SAI' First Performance
China-Japan International Goodwill Concert

It was held in Shinjuku Bunka Center as the main concert of China-Japan International Goodwill Concert. In this concert, Dr. Niibori announced the last (4th) movement of a symphonic poem 'The God of SAI'. It was composed in the style of 'PLERA', and his philosophy about world peace was well reflected on the music.


Price: \5,250(tax incl.)

1.Guitar Concerto in D-major (Vivaldi)8.Memory of Summer (Y.Nakada)
2.Recverdos de la Alhambra (Tarrega)9.Souvenir D'enfance (Senneville & Tussaint
3.Tanquillo de Cadis (Beherend) 10."Drums" from The God of SAI (H.Niibori)
4.Sarabande & Bourree BWV1002 (J.S.Bach)11.Spanish Coffee (F.Mills)
5.Flute Concert D-major K.314 No.1 (Mozart)12.Wonderful Morning from "The God of SAI" (H.Niibori)
6.Electrical Guitar concerto (Vivaldi) 13.Chinese Party Song
7.Three Scenes in Japan (M.Hasegawa)

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