Niibori Guitar Orchestra Festival '96
More Resoundingly ! & More Brilliantly !

In this festival, a guitar orchestra consisted of 400 players showed magnificent performance. This is the largest guitar orchestra ever formed, and surely the new record. Well organized performance of 'Forest Waltz' composed by Dr. Niibori was one of the highlights of this concert.


Price: 5,097(tax incl.)

1.NRM "Turkish March" (L.V.Beethoven)7.NRM18.01 "Shaka Sanka" (H.Niibori)
2.NRM7P.01 "Valencia" '96 (H.Niibori)8.Aragonaise, Habanera & Prelude from Suite "Carmen" (G.Bizet)
3.NRM "Festa '96" (M.Ishizuka)9.Kagura (U.Watanabe)
4.NRM "Melancholy of Spain '96" (H.Niibori)10.Polka of Blacksmith (J.Strauss)
5.NAGASHINO (M.Ishizuka)11.Waltz from "The God of SAI" (H.Niibori)
6.Toccata & Fuga (J.S.Bach)

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