Hiroki Niibori Conducting,
Niibori Guitar Orchestra Live '91

To celebrate the 200 anniversary of Mozart's birth, his masterpiece 'Rondo' from Eine Kleine Nacht Musik was played. The program was full of various music such as 'Variations on Sakura' using Koto picks and 'Electrical Guitar Concerto'.


Price: \2,753(tax incl.)

1.Rondo & Allegro from Eine Kleine Nacht Musik K.V.525 (Mozart)9.Parade der zin sol da tin (Jessel)
2."Pantomine" from Ballet a Suite (Mozart)10."Memory" from Musical "Cat's" (A.L.Webber)
3.Serenade from Opera "Don Giovanni" at Act 2-1 (Mozart)11."I could have dance all night" from Musical "My Fair Lady" (Roere)
4."Menurtto" from Divertiment No.17 (Mozart)12.Zigeunerweisen (Zypsy Air) (P.Sarasate)
5.Serenata Notturna No.6 K.V.239 (Mozart)13.Le Cygne (Saint Sains)
6.Variations on Sakura (M.Miyagi)14.Wonderful Morning (H.Niibori)
7.NRM2.06, NRM3.03, NRM4.01 (H.Niibori)15.Ping Pong sous les arbres (Toussaint)
8.La Musique de L'amour (Sennevill & Toussaint)16.Aria (J.S.Bach)

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