Hiroki Niibori Conducting,
Niibori Guitar Orchestra Live '90

Epock-making concert contained a concerto of the electrical guitar and the guitar orchestra, and NRM 18.01 'Wakamatsuri'. NRM 18.01 was composed by Dr. Niibori and it was the first announcement of NRM.


Price: \2,753 (tax incl.)

1.Gavotte from Concerto Grosso Op.6-10 (Handel>7.Lady Di - Chopin's Nocturn (Sennevill & Toussaint/F.Chopin)
2.Concerto "La Tempesta Di Mare" (A.Vivaldi)8.Tanquilllo De Cadiz (Beherend)
3.Gavotte from BWV1012 Suite 4 for Vc Solo (J.S.Bach)9.Concerto for Electrical Guitar & Guitar Orchestra (Vivaldi)
4.Prelude from BWV1009 Suite 3 for Vc Solo (J.S.Bach)10.Concerto in D-major Allegro (Vivaldi)
5.NRM18.01 Wadamatsuri (H.Niibori)11.Spanish Coffee (F.Mills)
6.:Nanatu No Ko" in Baroque Style (M.Nagayo)11.Nocturn (P..Mauriat)

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