Hiroki Niibori &
Niibori Guitar Orchestra
The 30th Anniversary Commemorative Live

This concert was held at Suntory Hall that was the first wine yard style opera house in Japan. A symphonic poem for the guitar orchestra 'Toshishun' composed by the late Urato Watanabe, was played for the first time.


Price: \3,255(tax incl.)

1.Gavotte from Concerto Grosso Op.6-10 (Handel)7."Summer" from Le Quattro Stagioni L'Eestate (A.Vivaldi)
2.Concerto for 2 Bass Guitars & Guitar Orchestra (A.Vivaldi)8.Passagio & Presto from Suite No.1 for Lute (J.S.Bach)
3.Polka (Tirolian Folk Song)9.Three Japanese Folk Song "Souran Bushi" (M.Hayakawa)
4."Funicli Funicla" in Baroque Style (M.Hayakawa)10.Hamabe No Uta (T.Narita)
5.Symphonic Poem for Guitar Orchestra "Toshishun" (U.Watanabe)11.Serenade L'Etoile - Les Reves Du Matin (Sennevill)
6.Three Scenes in Japan (M.Hayakawa)11.Green Sleeves (Scotland Folk Song)

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