NRM Collection No.6 [Symphonic Poem "God of Sai(Happiness)"]

This is the sixth collection of the NRM series. The "God of Sai" that calls happiness is a large scale, full of sound and light, impressive lyricism romance, staging outskirts of Joetsu school, Niibori Guitar Music Academy surrounded by Nature! The total score composed by Dr. Hiroki Niibori, a commentary and related documents are all included in this voluum.


Price: \3,059(tax incl.)

Music by Hiroki Niibori

No Title No Title
Scene1:1st Movement
Overture(Arrival of Spring,
Daybreak on Hokura River)
Scene3:3rd Movement
Waltz (Waltz of Forest,
Waltz of Asahi Forest)
Scene2:2nd Movement
March (Wonderful Morning,
Morning in Ohdaira)
Scene4:4th Movement
Drums ("The God of SAI")

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