Best Selection of the Niibori Guitar Ladies Quartet

Extract of the Niibori method that world people were impressed by.
The most beautiful sound, a long-awaited secret scores are exhibited at last!


Price: \3,360(tax incl.)

NO. Title Composer
1 Oh my darling Clementine P. Montross
2 Der Letzte Abend German folk song
3 Reginella Campagnola@
4 Old Folks at Home S. C. Foster
5 Les Champs Elysee M.Wilshow & M. Deighan
6 Memory of summer Yoshinao Nakada
7 Ballade Pour Adeline~ Lyphard Melodie Senneville & O.Toussaint
8 Serenade De L'etoile(Coup De Coeur)~Les Reves Du Matin
P. de Senneville
9 Triste Coeur~ Mariage D'amour Senneville & O.Toussaint
10 Lady Di ~ Noturne Senneville & J.Baudlot - Chopin
11 Che Non Vivo Senza Te(You don't have to say you love me) P. Donaggio
12 Clavelitos Spanish student's song

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