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 Study Books

Valuable messages from Hiroki Niibori as a musician, an educationalist based on experience of 60 years to people aiming at the professional guitarist, working on the guitar education.

Title Price
(excluding tax 8%)
 To People Aiming at Professional [1]&[2]
\3,800 each
 The Educational Points of View [1]& [2]
 The Educational Points of View [3]
 The Educational Points of View [4]&[5]
\1,800 each


These textbooks are devised with inventive idea so that a beginner can obtain basis, a person aiming at a professional can get a high technique, and many people will become "eternal music lovers", while enjoying music.

Title Price
(excluding tax 8%)
 Guitar Orchestra Master Text \8,600
 Elementary Textbook for Guitar Beginners \950
 Basic Guitar Text \2,427
 New Contemporary Guitar Manual \3,500
 Complete Works of New Guitar Method \2,600
 Guitar Ensemble Master Text (Guide Book) \3,500
 Guitar Textbook for Little Children \2,000
 Guitar Textbook for School Children \1,800
 Middle Grade Guitar Textbook \2,700
 Advanced Grade Guitar Textbook \2,718
 Advanced Grade Electric Guitar Textbook \1,429
 Rock Guitar Textbook \2,857
 How to Read Music \950

 Collection of Music Pieces

Collection of music masterpieces from the Renaissance, ex-classic era to the present age which extracts beautiful tone with a traditional guitar, and individual sound with an original guitar.

Title Price
(excluding tax 8%)
 NRM Collection No.1 [Duet] \1,456
 NRM Collection No.2 [Trio] \1,553
 NRM Collection No.3 [Introduction] \1,942
 NRM Collection No.4 [Pieces] \2,429
 NRM Collection No.5 [Pieces] \2,914
 NRM Collection No.6 [Symphonic Poem "God of Sai(Happiness)"] \2,913
 Selections of Original Score for Guitar Orchestra(1) \2,427
 Collection of Six Concertinos \3,010
 Collection of Famous Minuet Tunes \1,900
 Guitar Ensemble for Family Concert \1,800
 Collection of Guitar Ensemble Family Pieces \2,800
 Collection of Plain Guitar Ensemble \2,000
 Selection of 50 Pieces for Guitar Solo [1]&[2] [1]\2,427
 Collection of Guitar Duet [1] \1,900
 Guitar Text for Producing Beautiful Sounds \3,200
 Guitar Orchestra Selection \3,200
 Best Selection of the Niibori Guitar Ladies Quartet \3,200
 The collected beautiful short compositions of Hiroki Niibori \1,400

 Specialized Magazines・Essays・Others

Title Price
(excluding tax 8%)
 A Nourishment for Your Soul \1,143
 Baton & guitar/Tact-Polong (a sound thruming the guitar)[1]&[2] [1] \2,816
[2] \1,500
 The Guitar Orchestra (The first edition) \1,200
 The Guitar Orchestra Vol.2 \1,000
 The Guitar Orchestra Vol.3 \1,000
 The Guitar Orchestra Vol.4 \1,000
 An advice on music life to persons of sixty and above -Shine your life !!!- \1,300
 An advice on playing the guitar to persons of fifty and above -Enjoy your life !!!- \1,300

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