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International Niibori Guitar Music Academy

(Tokyo campus)

New campus has been opened at the center of Tokyo!
This academy were approved by United States government and has the head office in Honolulu. High school course and university course are provided and the students are studying the latest curriculum. There is a course that students can obtain the degree of 'bachelor of arts in music' and 'Guitar specialist first-grade license'. Basic course, advanced course, evening course, corresponding course are also provided.

The first studio special for the guitar orchestra.
Finally, we could establish Tokyo campus of Niibori Guitar Music Academy that has a high school course and a college course at the center of Tokyo.

We are very happy that we could comply with the demand of many people. At the same time, we appreciate your enthusiastic support on behalf of staff. New campus is surrounded with rich green in spite of it's in Tokyo. On the 5th floor of the new building, there is the first studio special for the guitar orchestra and lots of interesting materials regarding the guitar orchestra are exhibited on the wall. On the 1st floor, private lesson rooms, consulting room, a saloon and a show room. Everyone, who dreams of a future leader of the 21st centry, please visit this new campus to see the intellectual asset that Japan is proud of. We all welcome your visit anytime.

President, Dr. Hiroki Niibori

Chief professor
Masatoshi Ishizuka
New base of the guitar orchestra has been established in Ochanomizu, the center of Tokyo. Public transport to this campus is very rich, and the surrounding and the facilities are ideal to study music. The curriculm that places importance on each student's purpose and character will surely make your dreams come ture. Let's get the international diploma, and fly to the brilliant future. Stages all over the world is waiting for you.


New base of the guitar orchestra

If you enter the entrance on the 1st floor, a stained glass of the alto guitar designed by Dr. Niibori himself will warmly welcome your coming. There are comfortable private lesson rooms on the floor. On the 5th floor, In addition to the exhibition of precious panels and scores regarding the guitar orchestra, there is a Rose Room so that students can enjoy a pleasant chat with seeing beautiful scenery that is difficult to believe it is located in the center of Tokyo. The latest information of music scores, guitars, books, NRM and PLERA are available. Special consultants are waiting for your visit.

** Campus Life **

APR Entrance ceremony
Beginning of academic year
New students welcome party
Education symposium
MAY Guitaristus Nippon
Tyrol music festival (Joetsu campus)
JUN Athletic meet
Rock course recital
Recital of Niibori Guitar Music School
JUL Summer vacation(7/16to9/15)
AUG Summer guitar seminar
Lecture for examination
Niibori Guitar Orchestra
main concert
SEP All Japan students guitar festival
Tokai guitar festival
Examination for Autumn-entrance students
OCT All Japan Guitar Concours
Live energy
Campus concert
NOV Keyboard guitar festival
Tyrol festival (Joetsu campus)
Autumn regular concert
DEC Candle concert tour
Examination for Spring-entrance students
Live energy
Winter vacation
JAN New year concert
Salon concert at Segovia studio
FEB Spring regular concert
MAR Graduation ceremony
Evening concert of concerto
Special seminar
Conferment ceremony of Int'l diploma
(at Honolulu Univ.)

For Your Entrance...

Students can apply for the newspaper scholarship association (newspaper delivery). Please ask head office, entrance desk.

Installment plan using educational loan is available.

For information and questions,

Niibori Guitar Music Academy, entrance desk
143-14 Fujisawa, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken,
251-0052 Japan
Phone: +81-466-23-8338 / Fax: +81-466-23-9337

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