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Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory

(Izu campus)

Izu campus is located in an upper-class residential area.

International Professional Guitarist

Students can study not only the traditional prime guitar but 24 types of original guitars such as alto guitar and cembalo guitar from professional guitarists. There are 2 inside halls and 1 open-air stage specially designed for the guitar. Students can have the many opportunities to play on these stages as a soloist or a member of guitar orchestra through a year. Sacred Mt. Fuji can be seen from the school building. Students can obtain the degree of 'Kokkasenmonshi' approved by Japan Ministry of Education, and a certificate of 'Guitar specialist first-grade license'.

Tarrega Hall

Everyday, guitar life!

Tarrega Hall that was designed for the guitar has the best echo for the guitar. Students study from solo to orchestra everyday in the hall. It is used for regular concerts by students and summer seminars. Because of the high quality sound, it is often used for recording.

Alhambra Garden Hall

Enjoyable Stage Life!

Alhambra Garden Hall is an excellent open-air stage. Mother nature scales up guitar music. In the concert in the daytime, Mt. fuji shows up behind players. In the evening concert, lots of stars and the night view of Izu make the music fantastic.

** Campus Life **

APR Entrance ceremony
New students welcome party
MAY Scenic tour
Tyrol music festival
(Joetsu campus)
Campus concert
JUN Athletic meet
Guitaristus Nippon
JUL End of 1st term
AUG Summer guitar seminar
Niibori Guitar Orchestra
main concert
SEP Izu peninsula picnic
Alhambra garden concert
OCT All Japan Guitar Concours
G-group recital
NOV Campus concert
Popular music festival
Autumn regular concert
DEC End of 2nd term
Candle concert tour
JAN New Year Concert
FEB End of 3rd term
Spring regular concert
MAR Graduation ceremony
Strawberries pick up picnic
New face concert

Fresh strawberry is delicious!!

European style dormitory

This school is completely equipped with dormitory for men and women. Students can move into it at the same time with the entrance of school. European style dormitory has been producing lots of excellent professional guitarists since the establishment.

Clean air, majestic view of Mt. fuji and Suruga bay, and beautiful nature help the students to brush up their potential talent of artist. Women can spend their campus life safely.

For Your Entrance...

This school is a special vocational school approved by Shizuoka prefecture. Students are available for the privileges such as student discount just like general high school and university.

Students can apply for the newspaper scholarship association (newspaper delivery).

Installment plan using educational loan is available.

We can help students to find a part-time job. Pick up bus is available.

For information and questions,

Educational foundation Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory

Izu Emerald Town, 2203 Nagoya, Nirayama-cho, Tagata-gun, Shizuoka, 410-21 Japan
Tel: +81-559-44-0156 / Fax: +81-559-44-0427

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