Greetings from the president,
Dr. Hiroki Niibori

Dr. Hiroki Niibori
We are the international educational organization consists of 3 campuses. They are as follows: International Niibori Guitar Academy (Yokohama and Tokyo campus). Yokohama campus is educational foundation approved by Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo campus is approved by a U.S. public corporation International Niibori Guitar Orchestra Foundation in Honolulu, and educational foundation Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus). Since I established them in 1963, Niibori Method has been introduced in 14 countries and has been producing great musicians. They are attracting considerable attention as one of the large-scaled guitar academy that has the university course and the high school course. The achievements of our method and guitar orchestras were admitted by the world in recent years and as the result of it, International Niibori Guitar Orchestra Foundation has been established in an international city Honolulu in 1994. And from 1995, the graduates can have the chance to receive the degree of 'bachelor of arts in music' by Honolulu University and perform the graduation concert in Honolulu. In 1996, concert at Sydney Opera House came true and the international activity are coming to be active more and more. Students of our academy have the lots of opportunities to experience to appear on the stage in overseas and can have the wide view.

The diploma that the graduates can get has the rare value. It can be said that the diploma is a passport to the great 21st century. People in the world highly evaluate Niibori Method. We've received so many prizes such as 'cultural prize', 'peace prize', 'art prize' and 'honorable prize' from all over the world. They are the proof that our further success has been expected by all over the world.

We have Yokohama campus,Tokyo campus,Izu campus and Honolulu head office. Yokohama campus is located in Fujisawa. Fujisawa is a quiet residential town that holds historic and cultural events through a year. Izu campus is located in an upper-class residential area.Every academy is surrounded by the best environment. Please have the moving experiences and become a musician who give people dream and wonderful impression. Many friends are waiting for your coming.

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