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Introduction of
Niibori Guitar Music Academy

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Fujisawa campus

Tokyo campus
Izu campus

International Niibori Guitar Music Academy (Fujisawa campus & Tokyo campus)

Fujisawa campus was approved by Kanagawa Prefecture in 2004. Students can obtain the degree of 'Kokka-senmonshi' approved by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Tokyo campus was approved by United States government and has the head office in Honolulu. Both campuses provide high school course and university course and the students are studying the latest curriculum. There is a course that students can obtain the degree of 'bachelor of arts in music' and a certificate of 'Guitar specialist first-grade license'. Basic course, advanced course, evening course, corresponding course are also provided.

Nihon Guitar Music Conservatory (Izu campus)

Students can study not only the traditional prime guitar but 27 types of original guitars such as alto guitar and cembalo guitar from professional guitarists. There are 2 inside halls and 1 open-air stage specially designed for the guitar. Students can have the many opportunities to play on these stages as a soloist or a member of guitar orchestra through a year. Sacred Mt. Fuji can be seen from the school building. Students can obtain the degree of 'Kokka-senmonshi' approved by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and a certificate of 'Guitar specialist first-grade license'.

Guitar Music Academy approved by the world

In the near future, your value will not be determined by which school you graduated from, but what you can do. The next century will require specialists possessing quality cultural abilities. The qualifications that this school's students can obtain were approved by the world. They will be your wings to fly into the international society and enrich your life.

Greetings from the president, Dr. Niibori (Doctor of Philosophy)

[ Examples of Curriculum ]

Practical SkillsTheorySpecial lesson
Private lesson History of music English conversation
Prime guitar solo Guitar music theory Stage effects
Original guitars solo History of
guitar orchestra
stage performance
Guitar orchestra Basic guitar
technique theory
VTR lesson
Ensemble AB Appreciation
of music
Stage planning, PA
Basic rhythm
General theory
of harmony
Vocal, composition, conducting of guitar
Concerto solo
Basic techniqueGeneral EducationElective subjects
NRM (Niibori
Rhythm Method)
method of school
Guitar accompaniment
Orchestra master
School management Solfege
Electric guitar
private lesson
OJT lesson Score making
Band live
Instructing method
of circle
Master orchestra
Electric guitar
Vocal with guitar
Electric guitar
basic technique
General Education Counterpoint class
Electric guitar
Liberal arts Musical style theory
Stage performance Guidance Composition
Stage performance
(trial play)
Conducting AB

Brilliant future!
Various guitar fields are waiting for you.

Since the establishment, our academy has been accumulating the results of performance and education based on the support of Niibori group network. 100% of graduates get a job, and most of them work at Niibori group. There are over 10 kinds of works only in the education field. You can find the most suitable work for you.

Instructor of schools/Instructor of elementary school/Instructor for infants/Instructor of Junior and senior high school/Instructor of electric guitar/Instructor and professor of academy/Instructor of company circles/Instructor of ensembles and orchestras
Soloist/Ensemble and orchestra member/Conductor of guitar orchestra/Vocal/Percussionist/Recorder player/Flutist
Management & Stage
Making and sales of records, music CDs, cassette tapes.
Musical instruments
Manufacturing, sales and development of musical instruments.
Management of school
Management and advertisement of school.
Office work
Receptionist of school/accounting/etc.
Open school
When you open a music school independently, sufficient training and strong support will be provided.